Re(a)dy or not

…Here I come Do you ever anticipate all the work you have to do in the future,  and decide that  you really  need to chill right now?… This has been me since October began, by the way Happy New Month, I hope you’re  having a month that’s  as fabulous  as you are, I’m  in myContinue reading “Re(a)dy or not”

Off the shoulder X Overalls

If there’s a trend that should last forever it should be the off shoulder trend .. I think I’m going to start calling it a classic. I paired my off shoulder top with denim overalls, you already I know I’m in love denim and for some reason that I’m yet to figure out I likeContinue reading “Off the shoulder X Overalls”


Hello !!!!! Guess who’s already in the Christmas spirit (I think I’ve been excited about Christmas since last month) Yes!!! Me!!! It’s my Favorite holiday probably because no other holiday is as celebrated in this part of the world. I’m looking forward to seeing more Christmas lights and decorations especially at banks.. I hope theyContinue reading “Red”