Denim on Painted Denim

Hello! *in my most enthusiastic voice* I think I always say how excited I am to bring each outfit posts to you! Trust me It’s because I truly am. You know how great denim is?, I’m just going to assume you said yes.. Because denim is awesome!!! Then I found painted denim!!!. I like whenContinue reading “Denim on Painted Denim”

Stripes on stripes

Happy New Month beautiful people, The year is going by really fast and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Reminder: today is April Fools Day😂 do not be deceived, I know some people spend months planning pranks for today, don’t be a victim. What pranks have you played on this day? And whatContinue reading “Stripes on stripes”

Sass on sass

On Fridays We Wear Prints, Actually we wear prints on any day we feel like it😁, and Friday seems like a good day to. I’m extremely positive full skirts are never going out of style,quote me. I’ve had this particular skirt for years and it has never felt outdated. I wore the top tucked in andContinue reading “Sass on sass”