Tarkwa Bay Beach Lagos with Outwiththebloggers

I mentioned this trip to the beach with outwiththebloggers in this post about what to wear to the beach It was definitely a fun one, I enjoyed being by the beach and actually being able to get into the water, which is unlike most beaches in Lagos. I think they claim its the safest beach in Lagos,and IContinue reading “Tarkwa Bay Beach Lagos with Outwiththebloggers”

And other stories 6

Hello 😊! Its the end of month 2 of 12, time  is actually flying,didn’t the year only just begin?. How far with the resolutions and goals we made at the beginning of the year? I read somewhere,that if you don’t move out of your comfort zone, all that new year, new goals thing that weContinue reading “And other stories 6”

Essentials for Rainy Season in Nigeria

Hi  guys! You will not believe it, I’ve been oblivious to the fact that its rainy season, I’m usually indoors when its raining and unlike the sunshine of those days that even when you are Indoors it will wake you up in the morning and knock on your window ( I have a guide toContinue reading “Essentials for Rainy Season in Nigeria”

Apapa Amusement Park

Hello!! Since its children’s day around here, I decided to post this trip to Apapa amusement park that I took about two months ago. talk about long overdue posts? this is one. By the way happy children’s day darlings😘 In case you’re thinking of what to do this period,the apapa amusement park might be aContinue reading “Apapa Amusement Park”

The Lagos city girls guide to surviving the Lagos heat.

This post would be applicable to any where in Nigeria or any place as hot as Nigeria .. The heat is real…, Lagos is not for the faint hearted. I’m about to make a joke about hell and Nigeria but … I digress. This is a list of some of the things you might needContinue reading “The Lagos city girls guide to surviving the Lagos heat.”