Apapa Amusement Park

Hello!! Since its children’s day around here, I decided to post this trip to Apapa amusement park that I took about two months ago. talk about long overdue posts? this is one. By the way happy children’s day darlingsšŸ˜˜ In case you’re thinking of what to do this period,the apapa amusement park might be aContinue reading “Apapa Amusement Park”

Weekend Round up

I’m going to begin this post with something not totally related. Why are Nigerians so afraid of pictures? I don’t get shocked when I’m accosted for taking pictures in public places nowadays, I just get really irritated. I totally understand the plight of the Nigerian woman who thinks you want to use her for ritualContinue reading “Weekend Round up”

What Motivates You?

I was recently asked by the people at black bloggers united what motivates me to keep on blogging? I guess my answer was supposed to be something shorter, fortunately I have a lot of motivation and positive energy that keeps me on this journey and this isn’t even the half of it. My answer: ToContinue reading “What Motivates You?”

Hello 2016

Happy New Year! I’m thoroughly excited,I hope this excitement doesn’t get dampened anytime soon. I’m happy to have made it into the new year in joy,peace and good health along with my family and friends. I wrote a little something about my 2015 here I’m wearing this gorgeous jumpsuit from byge that I got atContinue reading “Hello 2016”

Dee Mako Lagos Blogger Brunch

Hi!, I was at the Lagos blogger brunch hosted by Desola Mako,so I’m doing sort of a recap of the things I learnt from the event. These are a few of the things that i learnt,there might have been more said, more advice given but here are some of the one’s I heard when IContinue reading “Dee Mako Lagos Blogger Brunch”

Make up by Orsela

Rapper/Entertainer, make up artist,designer and all around amazing human being Eva alordiah had a one day make up training class yesterday which was not only a great learning experience, but also a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures from the class: Make up by Eva The gorgeous nancy who is just as beautifulContinue reading “Make up by Orsela”

Gidiculture festival 2015

Hi guys, Myself, Ogeoluwa and a few of our other friends attended the gidiculture event this past easter Saturday. The event is a beach festival/concert,like the Nigerian interpretation of coachella, which is an annual music and art festival held in carlifornia. I love the fact that Nigerians are perhaps the most stylish people ever ,alwaysContinue reading “Gidiculture festival 2015”

How to survive the election weekend

Hi everyone, Election period is upon us here in Nigeria. I’ve been thinking about things to do during the compulsory no movement election exercise. So here are suggestions of what you could be doing, to keep this weekend interesting. Binge watch the latest series There’sĀ  How to get away with murder Empire Being Mary JaneĀ Continue reading “How to survive the election weekend”