Moments with Ivmp

A couple of weeks  ago or months ago  I did a shoot with my friend Toni. I’ve  been meaning  to share the photos but somehow  I haven’t  gotten round to doing it, until  now. Toni is a makeup  artist  and photographer,  she’s currently  working on a project called ” moments with ivmp” where she’s giving free makeoversContinue reading “Moments with Ivmp”


It’s beautiful how the agbada outfit is in vogue these days. Majority of the youths believe that owning the attire made out of many yards of fine material is an automatic draft into the league of the Yoruba demons. Right? WRONG. Lol. After reading this mandate (obviously sent from the Yoruba gods) you will figureContinue reading “BY THEIR AGBADA, WE SHALL KNOW THEM”

“More Elegance, Less Arrogance”

Hi!!!🙋 It feels like its been a while since my last outfit post. I’m sure it hasn’t been that long, but because my personal style is my favourite thing to share with you, it always feels long. One of the reasons I enjoy sharing my personal style is it has allowed me become bolder, moreContinue reading ““More Elegance, Less Arrogance””

Style & comfort

It’s been said that “beauty is pain”, and I beg to disagree, my style is all about comfort and its the reason why I’d  wear flats rather than heels Block heels rather than stilletos. With the recent athleisure trend, I have absolutely no idea why this is even referred to as a trend since people haveContinue reading “Style & comfort”

The Cami dress

Hello  again! 😀 This week I’m here with a Cami strap dress better known as a spaghetti strap dress around here ( I know growing up they were called spaghetti dresses) and I’m here to tell you ,why you should own one They are chic, feminine, versatile ( I believe they can be styled inContinue reading “The Cami dress”

Casual Fridays

I’m such a denim girl! I immediately gravitate to anything that’s in this fabric , And what’s casual Friday without some denim. I’m wearing an oversized shirt dress, and its the most comfortable thing ever, My visor is from the hdhqv My lucy daves gladiator sandal And a handbag from tae afrika , that happensContinue reading “Casual Fridays”

Triple Denim Delight

Don’t you just love how you can wear denim and almost automatically nail the cool and edgy look? I sure do. I’m very big on denim (but who isn’t) , so when there was an opportunity to go from double to triple denim I jumped on it.. Lol! Denim on Denim on wait for itContinue reading “Triple Denim Delight”

My 2016 Birthday wish list

Hi guys!! My birthday is in less than a month so i decided to write a wish list . I usually plan to write one every year but I never get round to it, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fear of dissapointment 😂 I think i can survive that nowContinue reading “My 2016 Birthday wish list”


Hello!!😉 I’m sure I’ve mentioned severally how coord outfits are my absolute fave so let’s skip that The bodycon style is usually not my fave , I completely shy away from buying anything because body goals haven’t been reached and because carbs are my best friends really 💕.. Lol! If you ask me do youContinue reading “Peachy”

All black

In my opinion the best outfits are the ones that  are easiest to put together like this one I have a love-love relationship with joggers, I tried one on in a mrp dressing room and it was love at first wear, they are so comfortable and this even more so!. I got this one fromContinue reading “All black”