How To: The Sock Trend

Green … But not envious. HellošŸ˜Š! I decided to try out the sock trend and I decided to try it in a way that when all these nosy people say “why are you wearing socks in this hot weather?” I can just be like “wee you keep kwayet” in patience Jonathan’s because obviously fish net socksContinue reading “How To: The Sock Trend”

Eve and Tribe

I’m a big fan of co ords,and I’m sure I’ve mentioned that more than a few times, my reasons are still the same they are super easy because you already have the outfit matched and they can also be worn separately. This outfit is from eve and tribe,and they are a nigerian brand ( I’mContinue reading “Eve and Tribe”

Black Friday Deals in Nigeria

This is one thing that I’m definitely glad that Nigerians have jumped on because who doesn’t like 50 % off or more. Here’s a list of Ten stores with black Friday deals in Nigeria. Jumia Konga as per usual… Konga has started already. Eve and Tribe I’m personally looking forward to. Kamokini if you’ve alwaysContinue reading “Black Friday Deals in Nigeria”


Here’s #mysinglegirlbucketlist : Travel with friends. Travel alone. Live alone and enjoy the independence. Go skinny dipping. Have a girls-night-in monthly or a girls-night-out,depending on my mood. Buy myself something outrageously expensive. Go on an unconventional but interesting date. Get some new hobbies. Volunteer, Donate, be very involved in some charity work maybe once. FinishContinue reading “MY SINGLE GIRL BUCKET LIST”