Boss Chic

I got the title idea from most of the comments I received  when I posted some of this pictures on my insta.  So…  Thanks guys!  😘😘 I’m  wearing  my absolute  favorite  ankara print jacket,  I’ve also worn it here,I’ve had it for about  5yrs  and my feelings for it still haven’t changed.  Yes!  I have feelingsContinue reading “Boss Chic”

Sometimes Casual

Hello! I’m so excited! Not just about the weekend but because I found my perfect start to the weekend dress… Yay! The only thing that has stopped me from posting, or even taking pictures of it has been whether or not it’s blog worthy. What even is a blog worthy outfit? I’m actually asking aContinue reading “Sometimes Casual”

Working girl

Ever heard the phrase “you’re born with style, you merely buy fashion”? Well now, you can have both at the tip of your fingers without breaking a sweat! For the working girl, start off a great week and stun your co workers with your fabulousness by throwing together this casual, yet professional outfit and managingContinue reading “Working girl”