Is PanOxyl effective for pimples?

PanOxyl® has helped to treat my breakouts & blemishes. It works fast and effectively & leaves my skin feeling super fresh and clean. Their acne wash is a must have for those with acne prone skin.

Is PanOxyl good for acne?

This medication is used to treat mild to moderate acne. It may be used in combination with other acne treatments. When applied to the skin, benzoyl peroxide works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel.

How often should I use PanOxyl?

To clear pores of excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells (yes, we all have these), use a cleanser that contains Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid. PanOxyl’s Daily Control Acne Creamy Wash is ideal for daily use on acne-prone skin and can be used two to three times a day.

Is PanOxyl actually good?

5.0 out of 5 stars That’s my 3rd purchase. It dries out the skin but not too bad if you don’t use too much. I used for acne in my back and worked really well. I recommend it for anyone having acne problems but attention it dries out the skin so use common sense.

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How long does it take for PanOxyl 4% to work?

Improvement in acne is usually seen after 3 weeks of use, and maximum benefit after 8-12 weeks of use. Do not increase your dose or use this drug more often or for longer than directed.

Is 4% or 10% PanOxyl better?

Here’s what we’d advise. Start off with a 4% strength and increase as per your tolerance to the maximum of 10% if needed. For this purpose, a popular choice is PanOxyl Acne Creamy Wash.

Is PanOxyl 4% good for acne?

Product Description

Panoxyl 4% benzoyl peroxide acne cream wash is ideal for those with sensitive skin and mild acne. The creamy face wash clears oil and dirt from your pores and cleans your skin, reducing blemishes and promoting bright, clear skin.

Is PanOxyl 10 good for sensitive skin?

1.0 out of 5 starsDO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN! I had an extreme reaction after using only a little amount on my face for the first time. My skin has an itchy and painful rash and my eyes are swollen.

What are the benefits of PanOxyl?


  • Maximum strength formula contains 10% benzoyl peroxide.
  • Highest over the counter benzoyl peroxide wash available.
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria fast.
  • Acne treatment works to clean and unclog pores on face, chest and back.
  • Clears existing acne and helps prevent new blemishes from forming.

Should you moisturize after PanOxyl?

Success with Panoxyl Foaming Acne Wash:

Again, it is very important to use moisturizer like Cerave after washing since your face will get too dry if you do not. If you don’t, your skin will think it needs to produce more oil to make up for it and that can lead to breakouts.

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Does PanOxyl clear back acne?

PanOxyl’s acne washes use benzoyl peroxide to help clear, treat and prevent mild to moderate acne. They can be used as a body wash to treat acne almost anywhere on your body, including your face, back, and chest.

Does PanOxyl dry skin?

What is PanOxyl? Benzoyl peroxide has an antibacterial effect. It also has a mild drying effect, which allows excess oils and dirt to be easily washed away from the skin. PanOxyl (for the skin) is used to treat acne.

How often should I use PanOxyl 10?

Wipe the pad or sponge gently onto the skin to apply the medication, usually once or twice a day to the skin as directed. The dosage is based on your medical condition and response to therapy. Improvement in acne is usually seen after 3 weeks of use, and maximum benefit after 8-12 weeks of use.

Does PanOxyl contain bleach?

PanOxyl – Acne Creamy Wash 4 Percent Benzoyl Peroxide Daily Control, 6 Ounce. … A: Yes; benzoyl peroxide is known to bleach items such as shirt collars, wash cloths, towels, pillow cases and anything else it comes into prolonged contact with.

Can I use tretinoin with PanOxyl?

tretinoin topical benzoyl peroxide topical

Application of tretinoin topical and benzoyl peroxide topical to the same areas may cause excessive irritation or drying of the skin. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.