What is Mole on a menu?

Mole, from Nahuatl mōlli (Nahuatl pronunciation: [ˈmoːlːi]), meaning “sauce”, is a traditional sauce and marinade originally used in Mexican cuisine.

What is chicken mole made of?

Generally speaking, moles are made of at least two types of Mexican chiles, some kind of sour ingredient (e.g. tomatillos), sweet (e.g. sugar, fruit, or chocolate), nuts and thickeners (e.g. peanut butter, bread, tortillas) and spices.

What is mole served with?

Mole is commonly served with chicken in a dish called pollo en mole. It is also served with enmoladas which are enchiladas prepared with mole instead of salsa. It may sound strange, but you should try scrambled eggs with mole.

Are mole and curry the same?

Nowadays mole could be considered as the Mexican version of curry, in the sense that it is a sumptuous sauce composed of many different ingredients, served alongside vegetables, chicken or pork. … The recipe for mole varies from family to family and it’s usually a well-kept secret passed down through generations.

What is a mole in cooking terms?

Mole is a term used in Mexican cuisine to describe a type of sauce. The word mole (pronounced MOE-lay) comes from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec Empire and the modern-day Nahua people, who are the largest indigenous group in Mexico. The original Nahuatl word is molli, which simply means sauce.

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What is the best store bought mole sauce?

Best Mole Sauce

  • Dona Maria Mole Mexican Sauce, 9.5 oz. …
  • DONA MARIA Pipian Mole, 8.25 oz. …
  • Rogelio Bueno Autentico Mole Mexican Condiment 19 oz. …
  • La Tortilla Factory, Mole Style Enchilada Sauce, 16-Ounce, 3 Jars. …
  • La Costena Hot Mole 8.25 oz. …
  • DONA MARIA Verde Mole, 8.25 oz. …
  • La Costea Mole 9 Ounce.

What does mole sauce taste like?

What Does Mole Sauce Taste Like? All mole sauces taste a bit different. Some are sweeter, others are spicier, and they have varying consistencies—but they all feature spicy, smoky, and earthy-sweet notes contributed by ingredients such as chiles, nuts, warm spices, raisins, and tomato.

What is Mexico national dish?

Mexico’s National Dish, Turkey with Chocolate Chile Sauce: Mole Poblano.

Why is it called a mole?

The mole is a unit used in chemistry that is equal to Avogadro’s number. It is the number of carbon atoms in 12 grams of the isotope carbon-12. The word mole comes from the word molecule. … The mole is most often used to convert between numbers of atoms and molecules to the gram mass unit.

Is mole the same as enchilada sauce?

Mole can be served in many ways. Traditionally it is served with chicken, but it is also very delicious as an enchilada sauce, and that is the presentation that I am going to show you today.

Is curry like Mexican mole?

Mole is often compared to curry and the comparison is a good one. Both mole and curry boast multiple and complex ingredients and come in paste form. They both have a base of chilies and other herbs and spices and contain a variety of nuts and seeds. Mole, like curry is often served over meat and accompanied by rice.

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Is curry used in Mexican cooking?

Mexican food is great and curries are also great of all types from all sorts of places. Fajitas are also delicious, this recipe is a modification of a a fajita recipe with the secret ingredient of creme fraiche to make a cool but spicy and smooth curry.

Does Mexico have curry?

Mole rojo is similar, but it’s made without the chocolate and has an brighter spicy flavor. … Green and yellow moles are made with fresh ingredients like epazote, Mexican oregano, and marjoram.

Are moles good?

It may be a caloric sauce, but it is packed with good-for-you qualities. According to the Institute of Medicine, mole sauce is an excellent source of Vitamin B, riboflavin, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and niacin.

What makes a mole sauce?

Generally, a mole sauce contains fruits, nuts, chili peppers, and spices like black pepper, cinnamon, or cumin. … Mole de olla is a stew made from beef and vegetables, which contains guajillo and ancho chili, as well as a number of other ingredients found in moles.

Are moles sweet?

It is often served on dishes like braised meat like pork or beef. The common mole sauce you get to see served in many Mexican restaurants in the United States. With its dark, bitter and sweet flavor, you could guess that it contains more chocolates than the other types of mole sauces.