Is Zinsser Peel Stop a primer?

Peel Stop is a clear, flexible, binding primer designed for surfaces that are peeling, chalking, or cracking. Even after painted surfaces have been scraped and sanded, tiny cracks and gaps remain under the edges of old paint.

Can Peel Stop be used as a primer?

Peel Stop is a primer that is like no other. It will stop peeling, checking and chalking paint from ruining your paint job. … It’s a clear product and can be painted over with oil or latex. Just brush it on and roll it out to prime any edge or gap in the paint.

What is Zinsser Peel Stop used for?

Peel Stop® is a clear, flexible bridging sealer for surfaces where peeling, flaking, dusting or chalking is a problem. Use indoors or out to form a breathable membrane over questionable or faulty substrates. Peel Stop® tightly bonds to old paint and problem areas forming a sound surface for new paint.

How do you use Zinsser Peel Stop primer?

Apply with a synthetic (nylon, polyester or blend) bristle brush, roller, or airless sprayer. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when using spray equipment. When properly applied, Peel Stop should dry to a slight sheen. Apply a second coat if dull spots appear.

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Is Zinsser Peel Stop just PVA?

As others say, though it does NOT smell like it, this is simply a watery PVA (with other stuff added I’m sure).

Can I paint straight over Zinsser Peel Stop?

water based or alkyd primer or paint may be used over Peel Stop. As Peel Stop is clear, we recommend priming with Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3® or Zinsser Cover-Stain®, followed by a coat of quality water based or alkyd paint to assure optimum results.

Does Zinsser Peel Stop block stains?

To block stains from water or bleeding woods, use a Zinsser stain blocking primer such as Zinsser Cover Stain®. Spot prime knots and severe stains with Zinsser B-I-N® Shellac base Primer-Sealer before applying Peel Stop® Triple Thick Primer.

Is Zinsser primer really thick?

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 has a very thick consistency. Admittedly, some people don’t like this characteristic because they feel that the primer is more difficult to brush out. This is true.

Can Zinsser Peel Stop be used over oil based paint?

Peel Stop Triple Thick dries white for added hide. It dries to the touch in 30 minutes and can be topcoated in as little as two hours. The low odor, low VOC, water-based formula can be used under or over any oil-base or water-based topcoat.

How long does Peel Stop last?

Product Data

Typical Physical Properties
Dry to touch: 1 hour
Dry to recoat: 2 hours
Cure time: 7 to 10 days
Shelf Life: 2 years in unopened containers

How do you hide peeling paint?

Fill in areas of chipped paint by following these steps:

  1. Spread a layer of spackling on the damaged areas. …
  2. Let each layer dry per manufacturer’s instructions before adding another one.
  3. Continue to apply thin layers.
  4. Build the chipped area so it’s even, or flush, with the painted wall.
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What is the difference between PVA primer and regular primer?

Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) primer, exclusively used on new drywall, is an economical alternative to standard primers. … PVA primer covers seams, imperfections and sanded areas on the surface of the drywall. Typically, a wall that’s been primed first requires fewer coats of paint.

Can I use PVA as a primer?

PVA ADHESIVE & SEALER can be used with plaster, cement, timber, gypsum wall boards and paper. … It is also a readily dilutable primer for sealing applications or addition to cement and plaster to improve adhesion and cure.

What is the best primer for bathroom walls?

Best Bathroom Primers

  • KILZ Mold & Mildew Interior | Exterior Primer.
  • Zinsser Peel Stop White Triple Thick Interior/Exterior High Build Binding Primer.
  • BEHR White Acrylic Interior Kitchen, Bath, and Trim Stain-Blocking Primer and Sealer.