Can your eyes peeled?

Can you keep your eyes peeled?

Definition of ‘to keep your eyes peeled’

If you tell someone to keep their eyes peeled for something, you are telling them to watch very carefully for it.

Why do we keep our eyes peeled?

To keep one’s eyes peeled means to be alert, observant. This seems an odd phrase, but dates back to the 1820s in Britain, when Sir Robert Peel established the first organised police force. The officers were known as ‘peelers, or ‘bobbies’.

Are eyes peeled or peeled eyes?

Confusion between these two terms mostly occurs in their extended uses. To keep your sentences looking right, remember this: sounds are “peals,” be they of laughter or thunder, and eyes are kept “peeled” if the bearer of the eyes doesn’t want to miss something.

What is another way to say keep your eyes peeled?

What is another word for keep eyes peeled?

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keep an eye out keep your eyes open
be cautious heed
have a care pay attention
keep your eyes skinned be on the lookout
mind out take it slowly

Do bells peel or peal?

Peal refers to the sound of a bell, or any other ringing sound. A peel is the outer rind of a fruit or any other layer, or the act of removing such a layer.

What is the difference between peel and peal?

A peal (1) a ringing of a set of bells, (2) a loud burst of noise. A peel is the skin or rind of a fruit or vegetable. So bananas and oranges have peels, and laughter and thunder come in peals.

What does the word dead ringer mean?

Definition of dead ringer

: someone who looks exactly like someone else She’s a dead ringer for my cousin Julie.

Will keep my ears open?

To remain alert in order to listen for something.

What does leave you in the lurch mean?

: to leave (someone) without help or protection when it is needed His advisers left him in the lurch when he needed them the most.

Is keep an eye out an idiom?

To remain vigilant or carefully watchful (for something or someone). Often used as an imperative. We heard the health inspector will be doing a surprise inspection someday soon, so keep an eye out.

Will keep an eye on it meaning?

Definition of ‘keep your eye on something’

If you keep an eye on something or someone, you watch them carefully, for example to make sure that they are satisfactory or safe, or not causing trouble.

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Will be on the lookout meaning?

Definition of be on the lookout for

: to watch or search for (something or someone) : be alert to Be on the lookout for flooded roads after heavy rainstorms.

What’s the meaning of peel off?

Definition of peel off

intransitive verb. 1 : to veer away from an airplane formation especially for diving or landing. 2 : depart, leave. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About peel off.

What is another way to say stay tuned?

Keep me in the loop. Keep me up-to-date. Keep me apprised. Keep me up to speed.

How do you say on the lookout?

Synonyms & Antonyms of be on the lookout for

  1. beware (of),
  2. guard (against),
  3. look out (for),
  4. mind,
  5. ware,
  6. watch out (for)