Can you do RF microneedling on active acne?

RF microneedling combines microneedling with the power of fractional radiofrequency and is safe to use on patients with both fairer and darker skin, as well as those dealing with rosacea, melasma, or active acne lesions.

Is microneedling okay with acne?

Your dermatologist may not recommend microneedling for your acne scars if you’re currently experiencing an acne breakout. It’s also not recommended if you have rosacea or eczema, as the procedure can worsen your symptoms.

Does RF microneedling cause breakouts?

While it can work wonders at improving acne scars, microneedling can actually spread bacteria in the skin, making breakouts worse. Pin point bleeding isn’t uncommon.

Is RF good for acne?

We found that RF treatment markedly decreases papule volume, while IPL appears to have an immunomodulatory effect. In combination, the two have an additive effect in treatment. These findings suggest that combination of RF and IPL may be an effective therapeutic option for the treatment of acne vulgaris.

Is microneedling good for cystic acne?

Microneedling for Cystic Acne Scarring

Microneedling works by utilising hundreds of tiny needles that pierce the skin tissue, again inducing a skin regeneration action through collagen. In doing this, the collagen reduces swelling, evens out the skin and reduces cystic acne scarring over time.

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What helps acne after microneedling?

CLEAN – Use a gentle cleanser and tepid water to cleanse the face for 72 hours post-treatment, and gently dry the treated skin. Always make sure your hands are clean when touching the treated area, and do not use a Clarisonic or other powered cleansing brushes for at least one week after your treatment.

Does your skin purge after microneedling?

No need to worry, because anything “off” you notice on your face after microneedling is temporary and will clear up in a few days. Those prone to acne breakouts might also experience a flare-up, especially if you currently have active acne lesions at the treatment site.

What to expect after microneedling with RF?

Side effects following RF microneedling are mild, resulting in minimal downtime after treatment. For some patients, there may be mild pinpoint bleeding and slight bruising. More typically, the skin is mildly red for approximately 24 hours. Most patients can resume their normal routine within a day.

Does RF microneedling work for acne scars?

Conclusion: Microneedling fractional radiofrequency is efficacious for the treatment of moderate and severe acne scars.