Absolute New York Hd flawless foundation and powder.Β 

In the past week I tried out the absolute hd flawless foundation and powder sent to me by @originalcosmeticsng

If you consistently read this blog you’d know that I’m  constantly in search of the perfect foundation. The foundation is the base that all of your Makeup sits on so I’m  really particular about foundations





The liquid foundation comes in a black tube that is well sealed . You can see the foundation colour you are getting through the tube. I thought it was cute and handy.

The powder came in a small box and it’s a black compact whose case seems sturdy included in the compact was a powder puff for applying  the powder.


The foundation is lightweight,  i barely feel like i have foundation on,when i  wear it.

It is Light to medium coverage , and it  is buildable to full coverage , it evens out the skin tone and kind of hides imperfections

It glides on smoothly and my first thought on wearing it was ” this foundation  is actually high  definition flawless as the name suggests and super easy to blend”

Sounds perfect right ?…


  • despite its water based formula it  does not eliminate excess shine.


  • The hd flawless powder foundation delivers a Smooth, skin like finish just like the foundation.


  • I don’t understand why it’s called a powder foundation as the coverage is really light.
  • It has a lot of fall outs.
  • Wearing the ABSOLUTE hd FLAWLESS foundation

Overall it’s pros outweigh it’s cons and I think both the powder and foundation would make for good everyday application, especially if you don’t have oily skin, and if you do have oily skin all you need is an oil blotter and a light touch up.

The price point  at 3000 naira for the fluid foundation  and 3500 naira for the powder foundation, I consider both prices budget friendly. 

You can shop this product and more on the original cosmetics website (here)

Share your thoughts with me and tell me what your go to budget friendly foundations are.

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Happy New Year 2018

Happy  New Year wonderful  People,

I hope your year is off to a great start , I’m in Portharcourt doing some of my favourite things, eating, sleeping, casually scrolling through Instagram, and now blogging. 

2017 was the year of Relearning, you know, reaffirming all the things I’ve always known , a revision sort of, the year was mostly just here to reiterate on all the things I already  know .

Things like “I am ENOUGH”.

2017 reminded me of who I am, and showed me how important it is to never forget who I am amidst negativity . The first and the greatest thing that I am is a Child of God.

Secondly, it showed me that I cannot compare  myself or my journey to anybody else’s because of the knowledge who I am , I’ve found that my journey is unique to me and I cannot live based on the timing of someone else’s life.

2017  reminded me to be content, to strive for more while  fully appreciating where I am at now. 

2017 showed me in many ways my strength and capabilities and that nothing is too difficult for me ,something  that I also learnt in 2016 as well.
I am grateful for all the things 2017 showed me and all the lessons learnt .

This year I’m  feeling closer to my purpose and in just a few days that has passed in this new year , I’ve realised that my lifes purpose can be multiple things and that I’m  too interesting, too multifaceted, too wonderfully  and marvelously created to just seek out one single thing as the reason God put me on earth.

So here’s to a year of fulfilling multiple purposes .

This year I’m  also  making this one resolution, ( lol! I know what you people say about New year resolutions, but I’m challenging  myself to this one thing)  To stop shouting when I’m trying to make a point, when I am tired and when someone is making me repeat myself πŸ˜‚ and so help me God.
I’ve shared my 2017 lessons with and a few things I hope for in 2018 and you can also Read my lessons learnt in  2016 here, it’s inspiring  if I do say so myself. 

Now I’d like you to share yours with me in the comment section, if you are a blogger and you already have yours penned down, leave me a link to check it out.

Thank you and cheers to an amazing 2018.

Dress: @desire1709fashion

Earrings: @accessories2die4

Sunglasses: @liancitycollection

A few of my fave DESIGNERS (LFDW 2017)

Lagos fashion and design week 2017 has come and gone,and the trends have been set to last us a whole year.

Before the next one comes along here are some of my faves in no particular  order:

Lisa folawiyo

Lisa folawiyo always brings it, she’s one of my favourites because her pieces seem so effortless and yet so put together,and if you ask me,the  print mix is everything.I think its ok for me to say nobody mixes prints better .

Emmy kasbit

I love the prints, I love the use of aso oke, I love the practicality/wearability of the designs; they are things that can be worn outside the runway, and outside the core fashion circles and would still be appreciated.

Titi Belo

Titi Belo is a long time favourite of mine, and I think her designs get better each year, I like the denim skirts and the understated elegance of most of the pieces in this collection. 


Oh! how I love clan! one of my favourites because their  designs are young , fresh, and up to date. Something perfect for the modern woman.

Christie BROWN GH

I love the collection from Christie BROWN. Sometimes more is just what it is ,MORE! and Christie BROWN  gave us more. Really love the  bold prints,and the combination of velvet and damask. So luxe.
Thank you so much for reading but before you go do tell , Who were your favourite Designers this year?

What I wore: LFDW 2017

I have been watching Lagos Fashion and Design Week from the sidelines for a few years now,and this year i decided to take the plunge and attend.

I attended on 3 out of the 4 days it was scheduled to hold.

It was stressful but was also definitely a lot of fun.

I decided to share with you the  3 looks i wore during fashion week in LAGOS.

As you may know Lagos Fashion and Design week can come with its fair share of madness,and it is tempting to go overboard in order to grab the attention of street style photographers and the general public.

my style to LFDW was to keep it simple but memorable and also ensure that  I stay true to my self and to my  definition of what true style is.

I didn’t attend  DAY 1 


Day 2

Outfit from @desire1709fashion

Day 3

Outfit from @ankarafabricroom

Bag from @lavivcollections

Day 4

Which of the looks is your favourite? 

Did you attend the LAGOS FASHION AND DESIGN WEEK? If you did ..what was your experience? Let me know in the comment section.

Maybelline MATTE mousse foundation REVIEW.

Maybelline dream MATTE mousse in SHADE Espresso 

Size: 18ml

Maybelline MATTE mousse

​what the maybelline matte mousse  delivers?

  • Stays matte for about 3- 4 hours, which is contrary to the 16 hrs it promises. My skin is really oily so I’d let that slide. Although I have to say that the foundation truly has a shine free finish compared to other foundations I’ve tried.
  • The maybelline matte mousse is truly lightweight and so does not feel heavy.
  • It has a light to medium coverage which is great but unfortunately if you have spots you want to conceal l don’t think this foundation is the foundation for you
  • It’s buildable but the content is small , if you want to build it up to let’s say a full coverage you’d finish the entire content in a short while. 
  • It cost 4000 naira which I think is AFFORDABLE. Then again affordability is relative.


    1. MATTE


    1. STAYS MATTE FOR ONLY 3-4 HRS. I look forward  to finding a foundation  that stays matte on me for at least 8 hrs but now that I’ve said that aloud it sounds ridiculous  to even me.
    2. Light coverage is great but I’d like a foundation that does more than just light coverage without having to build it up.
    3. The content  is small. A bigger container would be nice I’ve been using it for only about three and a half months now  and I’ve already got the pan which means it would soon finish.

    How to use: use a beauty sponge or your fingers, I discovered  that a foundation brush does not give this foundation a flawless application.

    1. Maybelline MATTE mousse review

    I’m not sure, I’d try the maybelline matte liquid foundation before I decide whether or not I’d be repurchasing it . 
    I’d like to know ,

    Full face, maybelline foundation and classic powder

    Do you have Oily or dry skin?

    What  foundations to use?

    Maybelline  MATTE  mousse in espresso

    Before you go here’s a funny story:

    When I purchased the foundation I didn’t realise that it was MAT  written on it instead of matte , so I went crazy for a few hours after I found out, thinking I had bought a fake foundation. 

    ABI which one is “Mat” foundation “can one sleep on the foundation. How did I go out to buy a “matte” foundation and then end up with a mat πŸ˜‚.

    I sent Bimpe Onakoya a message on instagram basically  just trying my luck and not actually expecting a reply but She replied!!!!! 

    Apparently “mat” is the American spelling for “matte”

    Super busy BIMPE ONAKOYA Replied, I already love her and her work but that made me love her even more.

    I hope this review is helpful, if you use the maybelline matte mousse I’d like to know what you think about it. Tell me in the comment section. 

    Thanks a lot for reading.πŸ’ž

    My staple hair products (4c hair)

    I decided to  share my staple products for my natural  hair because I get a lot of questions about it. (Haha! Every blogger says I get a lot of questions,  but I’m serious though) I guess I can now refer people to this blog post instead of al the long explanation  that follows.

    I’m a minimalist with regards to my hair and hair products so I’m not about to bombard you with one million and one products

    1. Shea coco body wash as SHAMPOO

    I’ve used this for so long ,that I don’t remember ever buying an actual shampoo to wash my hair. It’s a liquid black soap with all natural ingredients. N1500

    2. Olive oil hair mayonnaise 

    I skip the entire process of using a regular conditioner and I use a deep conditioner instead ( I don’t know if that’s good or bad,but it has worked for me so far and has shortened my wash day to a wash hour or two ..lol) N1050

    3. Cantu leave in  conditioning cream

    When I first started using the Cantu  leave in conditioning cream I had a where have you been all my life moment, it works really well for my hair. Bought it N2500 the  first time around, second jar cost N3500

    4. Shea moisture deep treatment mask

    The Shea moisture deep treatment mask is suppose to be a deep conditioner  but I use it instead as a leave in coditioner *shrugs*

    5. Virgin olive oil and castor oil

    These oils serve as the O  in my L.O.C method. The Castor oil is majorly used for my edges and to seal my ends because of its consistency.

    6. Shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil diy whipped mixture

     this buttery diy mixture of Shea butter and coconut oil that works magic for me when I’m mosturising. Great for both hair and skin.

    7. Eco Styler Gel in Argan oil

    I don’t know if this is odd but I think the eco styler Argan  oil  gel grows my edges try it and let me know if I’m  wrong. N1350

    So there you have it my staple natural hair products/treatments.

    Relaxed  or natural hair?

    I’d like to know what your staple hair products are,share them with me in the comment  section. Thank you.

    Inserts picture of hair to convince you that its ok to take hair advice from me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Off shoulder bubble sleeve Ankara style

    If it’s a beautiful  vibrant Ankara print count me in, I got this lovely print fabric from @ankarafabricroom  an online fabric store on instagram  that I can vouch for .

    Asides the fabric,I love the exaggerated sleeve of the top the most

    And as you already know off shoulder tops/dresses are forever,they are the one trend that in a perfect world should never go out of fashion.

    A perfectly fitted pencil skirt is another classic especially in a print this gorgeous.

    The coral neckpiece is just me being a little extra, and letting you know in the most subtle way , that accessorising is everything. 

    Are you a fan of Ankara prints?

    What are your  thoughts  on this outfit?

    Let me know in the comment section.
    By the way Happy Eid El Kabir, I hope you had an amazing one. If you are wondering how mine went, I’m  chewing some sallah meat while typing this post….so yeah that’s it.

    Thank you for reading 

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    And don’t forget to leave me your comments. πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’Ÿ

    The Cape Life

    When the perfect top finds you

    This scuba material cut out Cape top is from the desire1709fashion label ( more on that pretty soon), I love it so much I’ve styled it twice already and each time it was a hit back to back both in real life and on the internet.

    I styled the top from @desire1709fashion first,with a white denim pant to keep it simple.This is perfect for a party with friends or a date with bae.

    And next I styled it with a floral skirt that would be perfect for church or a wedding party. 

    Whichever way you choose, you can be sure you’d be cynosure of all eyes.

    What do you think about the outfit? 

    Which is your favourite the top and skirt or the top and denim

    How else would you style this top? 

    Let me know in the comment section ,seeing as this top is about to be on heavy rotation. 

    Side Note/  Good news:  desire1709 is having a huge 50% off sale

    And a clearance sale @desire1709clearance and you definitely  don’t want to miss it.Outfit Details

    Top and Skirt: desire1709

    Both shoes : Asos

    Envelope Clutch: Asos

    Thanks a lot for reading.

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    Styling an Ankara 2 piece set

    If you are a regular here you already know I have a huge crush on Ankara prints and 2piece sets/ co-ords are my absolute favourite.

    If you are not a regular here, why not ?Subscribe  here pls.

    I hope by viewing this post you are inspired to 

    1.Buy quality yet affordable  Ankara Prints From @ankarafabricroom

    2. Sew it; by the way  why are good yet inexpensive  tailors so hard to find;  if you have a good and affordable tailor in Lagos  please help me and help others to drop their number in the comment section.

    3. Slay: because it’s impossible to not slay in good quality and well sewn Ankara prints.

    Totally forgot to mention my new favourite shoes! Which I have been wearing non stop since I got them from @ Desire1709fashion. I’m  considering buying it in black – what do you think?

    They totally define comfort and style.

    Also What are your thoughts on this outfit; let me know in the comment section .

    Thank you

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