HEINEKEN Lagos Fashion Week 2018 (recap)

Lagos Fashion Week is an annual multi-day fashion event founded in 2011 by Omoyemi Akerele.

 It held from the 24th – 27th October 2018.

It was filled with colour,  texture , and some great african beats.

Tulle and aso oke were some of the prominent fabric on the runway this year.

Lagos Fashion Week is a fashion platform that drives the Nigerian and ultimately, the African fashion industry; .

The schedule this year

The shows 


The Dew  Collection

Russel Solomon

Cynthia  Abila

Lagos space program


Day 2

Demure  by Denike


Ugo  Monye

Sunny Rose

Black coffee 

Day 3

House of Deola 

Tokyo James

Emmy kasbit



That’s all the shows I’d  be sharing here today.

Did you attend Lagos Fashion week 2018?

What were your favourite  collections this year?

In slightly more personal and believeably exciting  news I made it to VOGUE ‘s  best street style from Lagos Fashion Week

Check it out here @britishvogue

And here @voguegermany Number 67

What did you think about this year’s streetstyle ?

I thought it was quite exciting and everyone brought thier A game.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy  Lagos Fashion week recap ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„.

Leave me your thoughts on the comment section.

Moco De Gorila Snot Hair Gel Review

I shared my thoughts on the Gorilla Snot hair gel on my Instagram  here  the comments are insightful and show how one product may not work the same for everyone’s hair even when we have the same hair type.

Product Name and Packaging 

Like most people, I read a lot of reviews before purchasing any product ,the reviews for this snot gel were really great! I thought “Oh my God! I have finally found that one perfect hair gel that would actually work for my hair”

I didn’t care about the Snot in the name if snot is what’s going to keep my edges laid to Gawds then so be it (you know it’s not actually gorrilla snot , right? ๐Ÿ˜‚)

I love the packaging , it’s fun adifferent especially for a hair gel , it looks good among my other hair products. 

Where I purchased the Gorilla Snot in Nigeria? 

 i bought it from @bareessentialsng (not sponsored) because after  looking around they had it for the cheapest and that was N4200 including delivery  and I received  it on the same day I ordered  it.

How I use the Gorrilla Snot Gel, and my observation;

I initially just  brushed my edges down with the Gorilla Snot Hair Gel and called it a day until less than 20 minutes into my usual daily activities, it looked like I had no gel at all on my hair… turns out it isn’t that one perfect gel ๐Ÿ˜‚ and it requires some effort to keep the hair flat for a long time.

I later discovered what was missing in all of the reviews that I’ve read ,is that it’s essential to also tie a scarf round the parts you want to stay down after brushing your hair down with the gel. This helps to lay it properly, and also takes out the excess gel, after doing that the gel lasted for about 8hours.

I do not experience any flaking with the Gorilla snot gel, I also take the gel out with water when I’m  washing my face at night, it does not leave my hair feeling  brittle and it’s generally  a good hair gel.

There’s an hold meter at the back of the product ,I bought the one with the highest hold and depending on your type of hair you should be able to figure out which is best.

I don’t think it’s the perfect gel for my hair type 4c hair, but it’s pretty close.

Would I repurchase? Yes ,while still trying to find a gel with better hold .

I would like to know, are you into laying your edges or you just can’t be bothered?

I’m  team can’t be bothered but for a semblance of neatness I just brush my hair back with a gel.

Also, let me know if you’ve  tried the moco de gorila snot gel,  and how  it worked for you? in the comment section.

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜˜

How to get your PVC in LAGOS,Nigeria .

PVC centres in Lagos

I first registered to vote in 2011 , as a student  in the University of Lagos, unfortunately I haven’t voted since then because I misplaced my temporary VOTERS card and couldn’t find my permanent  VOTERS card

But more recently with buharis win and the recent state of the country ( not to forget my father’s demeaning look the first time he asked if i had gotten my pvc  and I said No and tried to explain why,he wasn’t having it at all)

After a long while of thinking and contemplating  how stressful the entire process of getting my Pvc was going to be( because everything is hard in this country) I finally took the leap and here’s what I found out

Did you know?

If you registered for a pvc in 2011 or 2015,You do not need to register again,Your card is still valid.

If you have misplaced your VOTERS CARD go to the INEC office near you with an afidavit/police report . Also print out your details on inec.org you only need your name and date of birth to find your details online.  I was so impressed with the electoral commission after I seamlessly found my detail with no stress on their site. Kudos!
If you have changed location since the time you last registered go to an INEC office near you and request a transfer after downloading and printing your registration details on http://www.inec.org. Transferring from one location to another is so easy, you’d hardly believe that This is Nigeria after you are done with it. Its pretty simple and way easier than registering all over again.

This information  also applies if you need to change the details on your Voters cards, maybe your name was misspelled, or your date of birth is wrong. Photocopy your Voters card both the front and the back and visit an INEC office near you.
remember that registering for a VOTERS card more than once is a criminal offence, just go back to Inec for a VOTERS card if for whatever reason you need a new one.
Find your PVC here

This post is based on my experience,  if you are just registering for the first time, you can make the process easier for you by having a valid identification  card, arriving  at the polling unit  early. I got there at 7am and people were already there,the officials available from 9am – 3pm.

To find out more about what first time applicants need click here

I hope you find the information in this post useful.

 if you have any questions leave them in the comment section.

Have you registered to vote in the coming elections?

If you have ,how was the process?  If you haven’t,  why?

Please let me know in the comment  section. Thank you.

3 bag trends ย I’m currently loving

And where to get it for less

The pvc bag

I dare say that The transparent trend is the biggest trend at the moment and I’m loving it,  we can  now completely immerse ourselves into this life of oversharing even in person

No need for a whats in my bag with this one ,as it’s  already on full display. My tip for oversharing without really sharing  is to carry a small bag in your plastic bag to keep the items you dont want on display  


The raffia bags

I saw somewhere that now that Nigerian fashion bloggers have jumped on this trend it’s basic …. well basic or not , I think it’s  super cute

You can find various styles of raffia bags at the LEKKI ARTS MARKET better known as JAKANDE MARKET in Lagos

The net bags

I was wondering how  practical this trend is when I bought mine, how practical can a bag with holes be? fortunately it isn’t purely for the aesthetics , I found it quite functional.

buy small net bag here

Which of the bag trends here do you like?

Which have you purchased and/or will you be purchasing?

What trends are on your radar at the moment

Please share with me in the comment section .

Nysc Camp Essentials ( A checklist)

This is a quick and simple packing checklist for those heading to Nysc (national youth service corps) camp.


  • Call up letter
  • Nysc Green Card
  • University I.D card
  • Statement of Result
  • 4 Photocopies of each (you may need less than 4 but not more than, except you like packing paper )
  • Passport photograph.( Nysc would take any background, don’t let those photographers at camp deceive you)


  • Clear bag (to put your documents)
  • Pen
  • Stapler ( miniso sells some cute staplers at N990 for 2 pieces)

Camp uniform

  • White Round next shirts 
  • White Shorts
  • White Sneakers
  • Waist pouch
  • Sunglasses
  • Handkerchief 


  • Buckets 
  • Potty
  • Bathroom Slippers
  • Tissue
  • Dettol
  • Bathing Soap &Sponge
  • Toothpaste &Toothbrush 
  • Detergent
  • Towel


  • Paracetamol
  • Cough medicine 
  • Malaria medicine
  • Flagyl 
  • Mosquito net- spread your mosquito net under the sun for at least a week.

In fact wash it first so it doesn’t burn your skin

Provisions should be based on your preferences I took

  • Milk
  • Milo
  • Sugar
  • Cereal
  • Biscuits

Camping Essentials 

  • Cup , covered bowl and cutlery
  • Torch light/ rechargeable lamp
  • Padlock for your box and locker in case you get one
  • Bed sheet and a throw pillow 

Cash– I took N25,000 and it was enough you could take more or less.

Nysc Lagos camp had  atms so you can take your atm card as well.

I put this list together for my friend Onyinye , I’m  hoping other people find it useful.

If you’ve been to Nysc camp ,what else do you think prospective corpers would need ,please let us know in the comment section.

An ode to mom jeans

If you are late to the party like me (I sincerely hope you are not ) mom jeans should definitely be your next jeans.

I’m  all about comfort and style  and i totally wouldn’t forfeit one for the other because i personally believe it’s possible  to be both comfortable and stylish, the millennial mom jeans is  one  proof of that.

P.s isn’t it funny that my mom does not like my mom jeans





Which look do you prefer look 1 or look 2?

How do you like to style your jeans ? Smart Casual or just casual

I bought  my mom jeans in yaba , but if you are not willing to go down that road,  You can buy from one of the numerous Insta thriftstores

Look 1:

Jacket – belongs to my dad (now mine ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Tshirt: diy by me

Mom jeans: thrifted 

Mules: ASOS
Look 2

Top: @lavivcollections

Jeans : thrifted 

Espadrille: thrifted

10 under 10,000 naira Valentines day appropriate outfits from Nigerian Fashion Brands

Whether you are spending Valentine’s day with the love of your life, or with some of your best pals,here are some valentines day outfits on a ten thousand naira budget or less ;


shop here N7000

I love the print on this jacket, I think it’s fun, quirky and bold.

shop here N5910

This tux  playsuit is a fun mix of smart  and super casual,although  I’d  say more casual than smart because of its length.


shop here N9500

I love the silky fabric that this wrap dress is made  from,it  makes it look so  lush and sultry, perfect for a valentine dinner date. i  also like the  puff sleeves .

N10000 shop here

This outfit is for the girl whose style and personality is daring, this defines  more is more so well.


shop here N9800

Simple and classic, a little red dress is a fool proof outfit for valentines day.  You simply can’t miss it.

N8800 shop here 

I absolutely  love this denim jumpsuit because  I’m  a denim lover through and through,  I like that even though this outfit is denim it doesn’t look totally laid back.


shop here N9800

I think this burgundy  dress is for the girl who wants to wear a colour that isn’t red for valentines day,I love how tasteful this colour  looks  when properly put together.

shop here N8800

Pick this dress because valentine is all about flower power ๐Ÿ˜



shop here

Some More floral goodness, because flowers die but beautiful  dresses are forever.

I like the prints on both dress and the pleated hem is fun and flirty.

N8500 shop here

I’d like to think that 10000 naira is a good enough budget for buying a dress for valentines day, yet finding dresses that I really liked enough to feature on this post was a chore

Nigerian fashion brands please do better with your price points.

I had fun putting this together  and I hope you have as much fun reading through.

My fave outfit here  is the denim jumpsuit from @miskay simple casual sophisticated, with a good price tag.

Which is yours? Do tell.

January Favourites

Happy New Month as we Nigerians say

Although a lot of people felt January was a really  lenghty month, it has even been tagged  the “year of January” ๐Ÿ˜‚ . I on the other hand thought it was just right ,as i had to click reset on some things and deal with some changes that came with a brand new year.

Today I’m  sharing with you some of my favourite things  in the last month  and where to purchase similar

First  off this red cat eye sunglasses that is the closest thing to the New micro sunglasses trend. I love it, I think it’s super cute.

Find it here

this beautiful drop  earrings for obvious reasons I’ve worn it in almost every outfit post I shot in January.   I need to shake my jewellery box and look for something  else asap.

Buy here @accessories2die4

This t-shirt from Jumia that has on it my 2018 mood “I need money not feelings, and if you are going to bring feelings at all ,make sure you’re coming with a lot of money  ..lol!

Buy here @jumiafashion

The absolute hd foundation from my PR package  from original cosmetics applies flawlessly and has shortened my foundation blending time and thus the time I spend wearing Makeup. Love! Love! Love!.

Check out my review of this foundation  here and buy here

This gorgeous  dress that has made me come to the conclusion that yellow  is most definitely my colour add some splash of green and purple and it’s perfect…All of my favourite  colours in one dress .

(This is the dress I wore in my first post in 2018, if you missed it check it out here)

 Buy here @Desire1709fashion 

Last but not the least this silicone marble phone case , there’s something about marble that makes stuff look luxe and this does just that. 

Find similar here.

Tell me What’s your favourite  thing on this list?  Maybe I can give  one thing away.

 share some of you January  Favourites  with me as well.

And if you wear a shoe size 40 and like this shoe 

Participate in this giveaway  to win

As always  the rules are really simple!

Don’t forget  to use the hashtag #thetonyeigbanigiveaway to make it easy to find your entry

Winner  should  live in Lagos  and be able to pick up.

How To Wear One Dress In Two Ways.

Dont you you just love a piece of clothing that can be worn multiple ways?,with most things I own I try to think of the many ways it can be worn before purchasing. 

I was looking to buy a dress for the yearly Christmas  party that  happens at my house (Read as ; my fathers house,because  I neva buy house yet) only a day to Christmas because I was telling myself that I’m  grown, and I did not need  to go out to buy an outfit  solely to wear for Christmas … Lol! Who was I kidding!!!! 

a day before Christmas ,i woke up panicked, and i had to head out to look for a dress. Debras Grace was open even though it was a Sunday and Christmas Eve for that matter . Hmmmm *side eye*

I found this dress  in what I deem  the perfect colour, as at the time I had no green dress in my wardrobe, and fortunately green is also a Christmas colour. I love the sleeves, I also didn’t  have to go to the changing room to try it on as there’s a zip right in front of the dress,I was sold.

I  wore it as a dress on Christmas day and on a different day as a jacket . It’s definitely something  I’d  be wearing  often as it has a lot of styling options. For example;  I could still wear it as a jacket with pant trousers  instead as opposed to styling  it with a skirt Like I did in this post.

I’m glad I went out last minute to get this Dress just thinking about the other ways I could style it.

Are you a last minute shopper? Or an early shopper?  
I’d also like to know,would you wear this dress?

 And  how  would you wear it? .
Share your thoughts on this post with me in the comment  section.
Thank you

How to Survive Your National Youth Service Year

Based on the experiences of 4 ex corpers

Sometime last year I asked at wanshygirl on instagram a few questions about what her service year was like, as i was in a bit of a fix at the time and that’s what brought about the idea to share the experiences of a few people on my timeline and i’m so grateful that they were all willing and happy to share.


Instagram: @wanshygirl

Introduce yourself?

I’m Ebun Bello, Graduate of Mass Communication, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at wanshygirl.wordpress.com and all-around creative. I’m obsessed with fashion, food and the internet.

*When and where did you national youth service take place?

I was called up for the 1 year compulsory National Youth Service Corps in April 2016. I served my fatherland in a town called Ilobu located in Osun, State.

*What was your experience moving into the city you served in?

My place of primary assignment wasn’t exactly a city so let’s go with “the town”. Moving into a new environment was quite challenging. Btw this was my first time living far away from home as I’ve spent most of my life in Lagos State. I had to speak more of my local language, fetch water from a well, commute to the city to get cash and essentials. It wasn’t a life of comfort yet it humbled me.

*What was your working experience as a YOUTH CORPER?

As a youth corp member, part of your service requirement is to work in one sector of the country. I was hoping to work in a media house since I studied Mass Communication. Unfortunately, I was posted to a high school and given the post of English Language tutor. Prior to that, I did not have any teaching experience so you can imagine how terrified I was. 

I gave it to God and saw it as an opportunity to do something different. It wasn’t a smooth ride in the beginning yet with time I got the hang of it. I even became a fave among the students as they didn’t want me to leave at the end of the service year. 

How well did you adjust to the school life vs work life Change?

It didn’t take so long. I had friends from home who were posted to the same state, they pretty much schooled me and gave me tips and tricks. Within a month I had settled in. Also, my landlord, landlady and co-tenants (also corpers) were warm and welcoming and made us feel at home.

*Highlights of your Nysc experience? 

– Successfully teaching almost 200 students and having an impact on them. (It was little but it was still something)

– Improving my Yoruba

– Making new friends, not just any type of friends but friends that helped me grow in every aspect of life.

– Visiting one of Nigeria’s tourism sites – Olumirin Waterfalls, Erin Ijesa.

– Learning a vocational skill ( Leather Slippers and sandal making)

*If you were to change something about your Nysc experience what would it be?

My place of employment – I’ll have loved to work in a media house.

*Do you think NYSC should be scrapped or sustained? Why?

 Tbh this is one issue we’ll always go back and forth on. I’ll be on the fence on this but all I’ll say is we can do better.

Sarah AUDU

Instagram:  @princessaudu

*Introduce yourself

My name is Sarah Audu, I’m a social media manager/journalist by day and a blogger always. 
*When and where did your national youth service take place ?
I served in Calabar, Cross River State in 2016

*What was your experience moving into the city you served in?

My experience was awesome. I loved it there honestly and still miss it. Moving to a new city was made easy thanks to my awesome host family who took me in as their daughter. I miss the calmness of the city compared to Abuja and I loved all the Colonial buildings that kept feeding my eyes. I also miss all those delicious soups my aunt used to prepare too, you all know my Efik people carry first when it comes to Nigerian food. *What was your working experience as a YOUTH CORPER?

I’m so thankful for my experience serving at the first private radio station in Calabar seeing as it was related to my discipline in Communications. It also shaped my career and helped me build up my experience on my CV. I honestly worked like a proper employee which really made my service year beneficial and not a waste like a lot of my friends.

 and how well did you adjust into the school life vs work life Change?

It wasn’t as challenging, as prior to my NYSC, I had already spent sometime in the 9-5 life. Also with media, you work in shifts so it’s not as stressful. Well except if you count working on weekends and public holidays which really takes adjusting too. 

*Highlights of your Nysc experience
A highlight was being able to explore a part of nigeria that I’ve never been too. It exposed me to a new culture too esepcially when you talk food. I also served in a worthwhile place where I made close friends (who I still keep in touch with) and built myself as a media person. 

*If you were to change something about your Nysc experience what would it be?

Can I change the pay, because lets be honest that monthly allowance was super small. I always wondered how people who stayed on their own coped. Other than that I wish, I had also volunteered at the TV station there, Ebony Life TV so as to get a feel of media on TV

*Do you think NYSC should be scrapped or sustained? Why?

Based on my experience I would say absolutely not. A lot of people have actually been gainfully employed through this. Three colleagues that I served with were employed fully at the station. Now I wasn’t retained but it made getting a job easier due to my experience. I just feel the system needs to by revised. People need to be posted to places where they can be useful. Also perhaps it should not be compulsory and I’d scrap camp too because it’s not worth all that stress esepcially with those horrible conditions (toilet).

Adebowale  OLAYIWOLE

Instagram:  @bowalexo

Introduce yourself.

Olayiwole Adebowale

*When and where did your national youth service take place?

Kwara state, Ilorin South, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

*What was your experience moving into the city you served in?

The 6 hrs from Lagos to Ilorin was The longest journey I have ever been on.

Settling in Ilorin, well finding an apartment there wasn’t easy at all, the first apartment I found the landlord try to scam me, apparently the initial tenant had been away for long without stating wen he would be back, long story short the tenant moved back in a day before I was supposed to move in. It took the special grace of God and the power of the baruten 222 battalion soldiers for me to get my rent money back and then sum๐Ÿ˜.

For the second apartment, I practically moved in before I paid rent ๐Ÿ˜

*What was your working experience as a YOUTH CORPER?

I won’t exactly say it was an experience, almost didn’t learn anything, I had to beg to be taken on site visitation because the officer in charge didn’t want to share the mobilization fee with me. 

*And how well did you adjust into the school life vs work life Change?

I wouldn’t say I needed much adjusting, I was eager to work.

*Highlights of your Nysc experience? 

At first it was boring no friends, new neighborhood. Life changed when I became an active member if my CDS (assistant provost), then I went on to become the president of my cds.

I and my CDS members contributed immensely to the objectives of my CDs group such as sensitization of public schools and market people, carrying out sanitation exercises and a creating billboard on the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation.

Also, I had weekly visitation to fun places in Ilorin, like the museum, Ilorin zoo, water view, clubs, the mall, lounges, pools, you name it, if its in Ilorin, I was there. 

*If you were to change something about your Nysc experience what would it be?

Nothing really, I had fun.

*Do you think NYSC should be scrapped or sustained? Why?

Scrapped, definitely. Its a total waste of government resources. Many people loose alot of job opportunities because they do not have NYSC certificate.

Tosin Olaniyi

Instagram:  @tosinolaniyi

Introduce yourself

My name is Tosin Olaniyi. I am a Digital Content Creator for Lifestyle, food and travel brands. 

*When and where did your national youth service take place?

I obliged to the National Youth Service between January 2017 and December 2017. I served in Ekiti state – Ado Ekiti (the state capital), to be precise. 

*What was your experience moving into the city you served in?

In the beginning, I had mixed feelings. It wasn’t so strange because my mum is from Ekiti so I had quite a number of family members to relate with. However, considering the fact that I was away from a whole lot of comfort and resources for my blog, there were sometimes I wanted to give up but I kept pushing. 

*What was your working experience as a YOUTH CORPER?

 and how well did you adjust into the school life vs work life Change?

My experience was really wack to be very honest. The only things that gave me joy there were my family members and the lovely people I met at church and at CDS. Asides that, I hated my job. I was teaching English and Literature at a deserted private school, from Js1-Ss3 for just #4,000; a sum of money I never collected completely. I’m still being owed #6,500 but I don dash them that one ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

After school in 2016, I was working on my own as a content creator, so the transition from school to working during NYSC wasn’t so difficult. Though, the money wasn’t much, I was happy. NYSC kinda took that away from me because I had to struggle to get my online jobs yet wake up every morning to go to a job that I was completely sad about. It led to a series of mini depression episodes but I’m glad that’s over now. 

*Highlights of your Nysc experience? 

Church was my solace and my family were very supportive too. Aside that, my highlight would be going to Ikogosi with my friends and eating at almost every eatery in Ado ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

*If you were to change something about your Nysc experience what would it be?

I wouldn’t even register for NYSC and if I did, I’d serve in Lagos. 

*Do you think NYSC should be scrapped or sustained? Why?

I think it shouldn’t be compulsory. It should be a voluntary scheme. Not everyone wants to be thrown in a completely different environment form what they’re used to and enjoy it. Some people even die in the process.


  • I definitely  found reading all the experiences interesting as it has reminded me how important  it is to make the best of whatever place/ situation  we find ourselves in.

I love Ebun’ s highlights, positively impacting on the lives of over 200 students a feat most may never achieve because we do not want to teach during  Nysc or ever.

I also really like how an Nysc job which usually isn’t taken seriously helped shape Sarah’s career and build up her cv. Your service year can be useful.

Bowale’s immense contribution  to his community development service group is spurring me to do more in the few months I have left. Sometimes it’s not what  our community can do for us but what we can do for our community. It’s a year of service after all.

I have always known how important a support system/backbone is in making things easier and Tosins experience has further reinforced that. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their Nysc  experience,  I learnt more than a few things and I hope whoever is reading this takes something away from each of these experiences. 

If you are a prospective corper i’d like to know if you found this post useful.  If you are currently serving let’s know what your experience is like so far, and if you are done serving, tell us how it went.

I look forward to reading from you.

click each name  to find Nysc related posts on their  blogs and click their Instagram handles to be directed straight to their Instagram  page.

You can also find my Nysc camp experience  here for your reading pleasure .

If you made it this far, thank you for reading ๐Ÿ˜˜.

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