Maybelline MATTE mousse foundation REVIEW.

Maybelline dream MATTE mousse in SHADE Espresso  Size: 18ml ​what the maybelline matte mousse  delivers? Stays matte for about 3- 4 hours, which is contrary to the 16 hrs it promises. My skin is really oily so I’d let that slide. Although I have to say that the foundation truly has a shine free finishContinue reading “Maybelline MATTE mousse foundation REVIEW.”

Jumpsuit living

If you are looking for one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down easily, JUMPSUITS are perfect!. They Are also Fun!!!! (Until it’s time to pee) and this Desire1709fashion jumpsuit is no exception, I felt happy and playful in it, as you can tell, i love that it has pockets, and the floralContinue reading “Jumpsuit living”

African Queen + Giveaway winner

Hi! My name is Tonye Igbani and I am obsessed with Denim & Ankara 😂. If you know me you’d know that ankara and denim are my absolute favorites… I hoard Ankara materials like no mans business and any dress, top, trousers,shoes inclusive that’s made with denim I’d most likely buy . Is there anyoneContinue reading “African Queen + Giveaway winner”

Happy Holidays!!! + LA campagne tropicana review

I hope you had an amazing Christmas celebration…. I finally figured out the reason for my end of year blues….. MONEY!!!!!! I need money. Its not too late to send me some. I also announced the winner of the blog giveaway on Instagram. Thank you to everyone who participated… Imagine throwing a party and nobodyContinue reading “Happy Holidays!!! + LA campagne tropicana review”

…And other Stories 4

And other Stories 4 almost didn’t happen, you can tell by how late into the month it’s coming but let’s get right into it: African time Abi Na Nigerian Time For those who don’t  know I checked  Wikipedia for a precise definition  African time or Africa time is the perceived cultural tendency, in parts of Africa and theCaribbean[1] toward a moreContinue reading “…And other Stories 4”