Weight and Body Image Issues

I think that I try to lose weight at some point every single year without fail sometimes it’s successful, most times it’s not especially because my love for food is so much greater than my care about accept social standards of what I should look like or what I should weigh. The other day IContinue reading “Weight and Body Image Issues”

This United Kingdom be like man wey no too fine, but because he don get bear bear he think say na him fine pass. Why on earth do I feel like I am being attacked by homeless people begging for money in this supposedly great country!?! Why are there so many homeless people on theContinue reading

I didn’t move, I went to school.

My title is in reference to the fact that every single time almost without fail, when anyone goes abroad to study they usually say they moved to whatever country ,but this isn’t a move for me and that’s not because I don’t want to be like everyone else, it’s because in my more than 5yearsContinue reading “I didn’t move, I went to school.”

How to get your PVC in LAGOS,Nigeria .

I first registered to vote in 2011 , as a student  in the University of Lagos, unfortunately I haven’t voted since then because I misplaced my temporary VOTERS card and couldn’t find my permanent  VOTERS card But more recently with buharis win and the recent state of the country ( not to forget my father’sContinue reading “How to get your PVC in LAGOS,Nigeria .”

Nysc Camp Essentials ( A checklist)

This is a quick and simple packing checklist for those heading to Nysc (national youth service corps) camp. Documents  Call up letter Nysc Green Card University I.D card Statement of Result 4 Photocopies of each (you may need less than 4 but not more than, except you like packing paper ) Passport photograph.( Nysc wouldContinue reading “Nysc Camp Essentials ( A checklist)”

How To Wear One Dress In Two Ways.

Dont you you just love a piece of clothing that can be worn multiple ways?,with most things I own I try to think of the many ways it can be worn before purchasing.  I was looking to buy a dress for the yearly Christmas  party that  happens at my house (Read as ; my fathersContinue reading “How To Wear One Dress In Two Ways.”