Queening!!!           Lupita and her Headwraps 

Lupita “The Queen” Nyongo has been on a head wrap binge and I’m  more than happy to be witnessing this. Her head wrap game equals 💯💯…oh wait this is no game… This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 The head wrap as earned it’s place as the African crown 👑 and rightfully so.  If there’s  anything  that this AfricanContinue reading “Queening!!!           Lupita and her Headwraps “

All about the sleeves

Apart from the oh so fabulous off shoulder trend there’s another trend you can’t help but love .. Its the Exaggerated sleeves Sleeves have become bigger, bolder and better, I’m absolutely in love with it, and will definitely hop on it as soon as I find a good tailor and you should too. Here areContinue reading “All about the sleeves”

Trend alert || block heeled lace up sandals

Lace up heels are stylish and cool but block heeled lace up sandals are a combination of style,coolness and comfort especially for people like me who consider any heel above 3 inches impractical. I should probably personally send a thank you note to whoever invented block heels and made nonsense of the popular( I don’tContinue reading “Trend alert || block heeled lace up sandals”