Weekend Round up

I’m going to begin this post with something not totally related. Why are Nigerians so afraid of pictures? I don’t get shocked when I’m accosted for taking pictures in public places nowadays, I just get really irritated. I totally understand the plight of the Nigerian woman who thinks you want to use her for ritualContinue reading “Weekend Round up”

What Motivates You?

I was recently asked by the people at black bloggers united what motivates me to keep on blogging? I guess my answer was supposed to be something shorter, fortunately I have a lot of motivation and positive energy that keeps me on this journey and this isn’t even the half of it. My answer: ToContinue reading “What Motivates You?”

Dee Mako Lagos Blogger Brunch

Hi!, I was at the Lagos blogger brunch hosted by Desola Mako,so I’m doing sort of a recap of the things I learnt from the event. These are a few of the things that i learnt,there might have been more said, more advice given but here are some of the one’s I heard when IContinue reading “Dee Mako Lagos Blogger Brunch”

1st of October!

Happy new month darlings! But most importantly, Happy Independence Day Nigeria! I’m definitely very proud to be a Nigerian, with all of the bad, there’s definitely a whole lot of good. And today I’d like us all,to focus on the positives, for instance how there’s currently electricity as I type this, it might seem smallContinue reading “1st of October!”

Where are all the men in Lagos?

I’ve been hearing/ reading  about how there seems to be a shortage of men in Lagos,I personally don’t think there’s a shortage of men in Lagos, it’s more of a shortage of good men! Well, i read about tinder and I’ve heard a couple of friends talk about it,so I downloaded Tinder. Tinder is a location-basedContinue reading “Where are all the men in Lagos?”