Nivea men’s aftershave as primer

Helllo!!!!! In my last  lagos girls guide to.. post I talked about being on the hunt for the perfect primer. The search hasn’t ended, but here’s a product you might want to try, Someone suggested it in that post and I decided to try it. My makeup actually does last longer with the nivea men’sContinue reading “Nivea men’s aftershave as primer”

Product Review : House of Tara Flawless Matte Foundation

Hello😁!, I’ve been looking for a new foundation after the black up full coverage foundation I was using finished. In choosing a new foundation I was considering the weather (the weather is terribly hot in this part of the world), price,I was also looking for a foundation that would last the whole day for aboutContinue reading “Product Review : House of Tara Flawless Matte Foundation”

Lipstick lover💄💄

I love lipsticks, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect one, it’s either too dark or too light for me, but i’m also a firm believer in the fact that one can make almost any lipstick work (I said almost). There are 3 of my favorite Mac lippies here in no particular order: 1)Continue reading “Lipstick lover💄💄”