How to survive the election weekend

Hi everyone, Election period is upon us here in Nigeria. I’ve been thinking about things to do during the compulsory no movement election exercise. So here are suggestions of what you could be doing, to keep this weekend interesting. Binge watch the latest series There’s  How to get away with murder Empire Being Mary Jane Continue reading “How to survive the election weekend”

Retro vibe

For today’s post we decided to wear full skirts, and we ended up giving off what we hope is some seriously cool retro vibe. I’m wearing an Ankara skirt I had somebody sew a longtime ago ,best part of the skirt for me has to be the pockets 😁  Oges wearing a black and goldContinue reading “Retro vibe”

Lipstick lover💄💄

I love lipsticks, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect one, it’s either too dark or too light for me, but i’m also a firm believer in the fact that one can make almost any lipstick work (I said almost). There are 3 of my favorite Mac lippies here in no particular order: 1)Continue reading “Lipstick lover💄💄”

Working girl

Ever heard the phrase “you’re born with style, you merely buy fashion”? Well now, you can have both at the tip of your fingers without breaking a sweat! For the working girl, start off a great week and stun your co workers with your fabulousness by throwing together this casual, yet professional outfit and managingContinue reading “Working girl”

Fifty shades of I’m not sure what.

My greatest discovery this week is the Snapchat discovery button, at least now Snapchat isn’t seeming so pointless. I especially like the cosmopolitan and people magazine one’s. Tried one time to look through the CNN one but I’m not pretentious enough to enjoy it. It was on the Snapchat discovery button i found out there were peopleContinue reading “Fifty shades of I’m not sure what.”

Valentines day 😍😍

Like most Nigerians I was hoping that the elections would hold today,because I really wanted valentines day cancelled for the first time in forever.. I mean! what’s this valentine thing even about, or maybe I was hoping the elections would hold because of my bae’s  obsession with this his invisibility cloak ( bae! Isn’t itContinue reading “Valentines day 😍😍”

Fessa final year owanbe party #2014 .

This was supposed to be a set of photos of me, but I realized that you might not be into me,as much as I am into me. I included a few photos of other people. But first pictures of yours sincerely I wore an Edo outfit,even though I’m from rivers state, because it was theContinue reading “Fessa final year owanbe party #2014 .”