The Phenomenon of the Busy Boyfriend

I’ve discovered that the trick to not having a busy boyfriend is having no boyfriend at all and boy!!! have I nailed that pat down! , you can not imagine the kind of peace that comes with it (or maybe you can) , I haven’t dated in years and the last and only time I did date, I broke up with him so often that one time I said I think we should end this relationship and he just shrugged 😂.

Recently a few of my friends have casually mentioned that their boyfriends haven’t called or texted in days some running into a week, as the relationship expert that I and most single people like me are (sidenote: why do we always seem to be better at giving relationship advice when we are not in a relationship?) I asked, have you called him? , the answer was yes! He says he has been busy.

Lately I’ve discovered men are the same everywhere Chinese men, Indian men, Nigerian men ,like someone will be gisting me about a man and I’m just like “oh my god! This sounds like a Nigerian man, where is he from?” Usually he’s not Nigerian at all and it has made me wonder do men from all over the world have a meeting where they collectively agree to act like scum. It is interesting.
I hope I get invited to the female version of this meeting if it truly exists.

I wrote this post several months ago, opened my drafts and saw it again and since I’ve been posting randomly( by mistake sometimes), I decided to post this one on purpose.

Decided to add an advice to this after months:

If someone says they are too busy and/or have no time,the “for you” is silent. Take the cue , No one is really that busy.

Published by tonyeigbani

21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

4 thoughts on “The Phenomenon of the Busy Boyfriend

  1. This was so much fun to read so you mean all men’s are literally the same? I thought the scum was just for Nigerian men 😅😂😂. If a man loves you he will have your time and not form busy, who isn’t busy. We are all busy but we try to make out time for people we love


    1. Glad it was 😁. I wish men would be more honest and say “I don’t you like that” instead of stringing women along. I also wish women would be smarter and choose better people. And yes they are all the same😂.


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