Abroad glow and other myths

See how you are looking fresh! This oyinbo weather is making you fine

Don’t insult me please! ๐Ÿ˜‚, I’ve always been fine and will always be fine๐Ÿ˜‰.

I can not speak for anybody else but I personally think that the abroad glow is a myth,you don’t automatically get to the UK or anywhere else and become fresher ๐Ÿ˜‚… if anything the weather would make you ashy if you don’t moisturize properly.

You’re in the UK? make sure you come back with fine bobo

The number of times I’ve heard this from friends and a few family members, I’m now finally convinced that they are selling men somewhere here, unfortunately I don’t know where yet nd i haven’t seen any shop display “MEN FOR SALE – HUSBAND MATERIAL ONLY” (maybe it is because human trafficking is illegal) I might have bought one or two.

There is no traffic

There are probably better traffic control measures here, so of course there isn’t as much traffic as there is in Lagos, but there’s traffic and you know that fear almost nearing a heart attack that you get when you are in traffic in an uber in a Nigerian city, multiply that fear by at least three, because now you are billed in pounds and you can’t se werey for the uber guy ๐Ÿ˜‚.

(Se werey meaning get angry or literally show madness)

There are No beggars or Homeless people

I feel personally attacked every time I go to the mall and some random person comes in front of me asking if I have change to spare . No I don’t have change!.. Lol! My parents aren’t working hard in Lagos for me to come here and start dashing oyinbo people money. Sorry!

The other day a responsible looking woman stopped me to tell me my earrings are pretty, alright ma ,thank you, now let me be going .. well she started asking me questions that eventually led to the ultimate question” do you have change to spare?” I gave her, but since then every time any one stops me on the road I walk on and pretend to be deaf and dumb ๐Ÿ˜‚. If you need directions I kuku don’t know anywhere, use your Google maps.

I feel like these assumptions are the equivalent of how white people think Africans live on trees, so if you are guilty of any of these assumptions ,it’s time to cut that crap.

I’ve probably missed out many things people assume about living /studying abroad, I’ve been here for less than two months, what do I really know.

This post was funny in my head, so tell me what you think about it in the comment section . Do you want to see more or less of this kind of content? And what other things do you want to see here?

Thank you.

Published by tonyeigbani

21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

8 thoughts on “Abroad glow and other myths

  1. Lolโ€ฆthe post is definitely funny. I can understand why โ€œeveryoneโ€ believes the abroad glow, I think once your body is accustomed to the weather and you know skincare products and regime to follow, you truly start to glow differently (No, it has nothing to do with how fine you are normally).
    Yes, to more abroad banter!

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  2. Thank Heavens you finally penned down something after like forever! I enjoyed this but I don’t know if it’s because it’s funny or because I haven’t read you in a while. Abroad glow indeed, you looked better in Lagos joor! Ha! Who’s telling you to bring a Bobo from abroad? Yepa! Abeg, don’t mind them o, is that what Papa and Mama sent you there for?
    Don’t mind those beggars, give them change say wetin happen? With all that paying 50 pounds just to loosen braids? Mbanu! Well done ojare, better pikin!

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