A 4 Step guide to growing your Instagram following in 2019.

As at sometime in June 2018, I had about 2500 followers on Instagram, and an average of about 150- 200 likes per post ,at the moment I have a little over 10,000 followers,and an average of 800 – 1000 likes per photos. So I’d like to  think that I’m fit to write this post to help you grow your Instagram ,

if you’d like to know what I’ve done from then until now, keep reading to find out;

You can check out my Instagram here @thetonyeigbani

1. Post Good Quality photos;

I know that  you read this in  every single post that claims to want to help you be a better instagrammer, and  the reason isn’t farfetched, its the TRUTH! And it goes without saying as Instagram is a visual platform, people follow to see clear, crisp and interesting photos. If your photos are blurry, noisy and unclear,most people are not likely to follow you . so gone are the days of posting an Unclear picture with the caption “blurry but I  like it” because you’d be the only one liking it.
I personally don’t follow accounts with unclear pictures because i put a fair amount of work into creating content so I want to follow people who do the same, also I spend more time than I’m willing to admit on this app so if your photos do not inspire me or make me happy, best believe I’m clicking that unfollow button.

2. Orgarnise your feed;

Icon for the preview app

Icon for the preview app
After you’ve successfully taken good quality photos, the next step is to put these photos together in a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing way.

I use the Preview app to ensure as best as I can that my feed looks good and somewhat put together. On this app you can move photos you are yet to post around, keep photos to post later in the case they don’t quite fit yet, edit photos if you like, and arrange your photos to your liking.

There are similar apps like PLANOLY , AND UNUM that serve the same purpose.

3. Follow;

Now that you’ve taken good quality , photos, and organized your feed you automatically expect the followers to start rolling in, unfortunately it doesn’t always work like this , because there are so many other people just like who post good content and have aesthically pleasing feeds ( it’s not rocket science) and  most people are just there waiting to be followed, waiting for someone to repost their photos and waiting to go viral, waiting isn’t a bad idea but a better idea is to take the initiative and follow people whose pages you enjoy and pages that leave you feeling inspired. More often than not they’d follow back , especially if you’ve followed through on step one and two of this post. 

I personally follow accounts I like and a lot of the time people follow me back, or at least just take a look at my page and leave a few likes. ( luckily, even going through and leaving a few likes helps grow my following)

Check your unfollowers and ghost followers
Followers insight app icon

I use an app called followers insight to unfollow people who may not find my content good enough to follow back (you can’t be every bodies cup of tea) and I continue following those who do . Win! Win!

4. Engage;

With the way instagram is set up at the time of writing this post ENGAGEMENT IS EVERYTHING! you’ve followed people , it’s time to now engage with their content, while engaging with their content you are helping them and helping yourself (another win for both of you) , liking and leaving genuine comments help you to be more visible to other people . the other great thing is people like to engage with those who engage with them. I’m more likely to leave a comment on a post of somebody who comments on my page than one who doesn’t, no matter how great their pictures are, when people begin to engage and leave comments on your post be sure to make time to reply them, I won’t leave a comment that you are not likely to reply to, unless you are BEYONCÉ . Write engaging captions, talk to the people following you and build your own small community. An additional tip is to use hash tags related to your content to help people looking for the kind of content you create find you easily.

I hope that this post helps you reach your Instagram goals. ( if you don’t have Instagram goals why are you even here 😞)

If you have any other additional tips and/or If you find this post helpful please leave me a comment to let me know.

You can also like and Share this post on your social platforms to help other people who might need it.

Thank you.

Published by tonyeigbani

21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

14 thoughts on “A 4 Step guide to growing your Instagram following in 2019.

  1. Ok, so I have a really old phone and picture quality is terrible. I’ve almost saved enough for a new one, but is there a way to fix my feed? Just start shooting better quality and hope people notice a difference? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi.
      You can take down old photos depending on how bad they were or you can just start posting better quality photos. If you intend on using your Instagram for anything other just the fun of posting I’d advice you take down old unclear photos and start afresh.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi. Thank you for responding! I didn’t know you could take old pictures down, though honestly I don’t know too much about Instagram. I used to use it for myself to track my fitness progress, but it is turning more into a business. Thank you for taking time to give me advice. I appreciate it.


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