Moco De Gorila Snot Hair Gel Review

I shared my thoughts on the Gorilla Snot hair gel on my Instagram  here  the comments are insightful and show how one product may not work the same for everyone’s hair even when we have the same hair type.

Product Name and Packaging 

Like most people, I read a lot of reviews before purchasing any product ,the reviews for this snot gel were really great! I thought “Oh my God! I have finally found that one perfect hair gel that would actually work for my hair”

I didn’t care about the Snot in the name if snot is what’s going to keep my edges laid to Gawds then so be it (you know it’s not actually gorrilla snot , right? 😂)

I love the packaging , it’s fun adifferent especially for a hair gel , it looks good among my other hair products. 

Where I purchased the Gorilla Snot in Nigeria? 

 i bought it from @bareessentialsng (not sponsored) because after  looking around they had it for the cheapest and that was N4200 including delivery  and I received  it on the same day I ordered  it.

How I use the Gorrilla Snot Gel, and my observation;

I initially just  brushed my edges down with the Gorilla Snot Hair Gel and called it a day until less than 20 minutes into my usual daily activities, it looked like I had no gel at all on my hair… turns out it isn’t that one perfect gel 😂 and it requires some effort to keep the hair flat for a long time.

I later discovered what was missing in all of the reviews that I’ve read ,is that it’s essential to also tie a scarf round the parts you want to stay down after brushing your hair down with the gel. This helps to lay it properly, and also takes out the excess gel, after doing that the gel lasted for about 8hours.

I do not experience any flaking with the Gorilla snot gel, I also take the gel out with water when I’m  washing my face at night, it does not leave my hair feeling  brittle and it’s generally  a good hair gel.

There’s an hold meter at the back of the product ,I bought the one with the highest hold and depending on your type of hair you should be able to figure out which is best.

I don’t think it’s the perfect gel for my hair type 4c hair, but it’s pretty close.

Would I repurchase? Yes ,while still trying to find a gel with better hold .

I would like to know, are you into laying your edges or you just can’t be bothered?

I’m  team can’t be bothered but for a semblance of neatness I just brush my hair back with a gel.

Also, let me know if you’ve  tried the moco de gorila snot gel,  and how  it worked for you? in the comment section.

Thank you 😘

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4 thoughts on “Moco De Gorila Snot Hair Gel Review

  1. I’m looking forward to trying it but there was a method I used a while back that worked for me. Haven’t tried it out in a while. I use ecostyler gel then brush a little black gel over it. It actually gave me hold all through the day

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