3 bag trends  I’m currently loving

And where to get it for less

The pvc bag

I dare say that The transparent trend is the biggest trend at the moment and I’m loving it,  we can  now completely immerse ourselves into this life of oversharing even in person

No need for a whats in my bag with this one ,as it’s  already on full display. My tip for oversharing without really sharing  is to carry a small bag in your plastic bag to keep the items you dont want on display  


The raffia bags

I saw somewhere that now that Nigerian fashion bloggers have jumped on this trend it’s basic …. well basic or not , I think it’s  super cute

You can find various styles of raffia bags at the LEKKI ARTS MARKET better known as JAKANDE MARKET in Lagos

The net bags

I was wondering how  practical this trend is when I bought mine, how practical can a bag with holes be? fortunately it isn’t purely for the aesthetics , I found it quite functional.

buy small net bag here

Which of the bag trends here do you like?

Which have you purchased and/or will you be purchasing?

What trends are on your radar at the moment

Please share with me in the comment section .

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21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

8 thoughts on “3 bag trends  I’m currently loving

  1. Which of the bag trends here do you like – I love all of them! Lmao I like this post because it covered all the trends I’ve been liking.

    Which have you purchased and/or will you be purchasing: I have bought the net one/fisherman bag which is knitted but i destroyed it to make into another bag. I bought it last year even (ahead of the trend #trendsetter) lol, now I want to get it again but in white because of this post. You know it’s a grocery bag lmao? But fashion changes everything! I’ve also bought the raffia bag but It was the basket one and I didn’t rally find it practicable so it’s somewhere in the back of my wardrobe. As for the plastic/transparent one, I definitely want one! Maybe not now though because priorities.

    What trends are on your radar at the moment: Berets, fishnets, embroidered clothes (I’m soo late for this one lol), pearl studded clothing, lacey stuff.. chai I need to catch up! I’m also into minimalist rings and jewellery even though I don’t wear jewellery – weird right?


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    1. I’d like to see the new bag you made from the net bag. Well ,grocery bags are the new it bags😄.
      I usually tie a large scarf into my basket bag to make it practical .

      I like your response, all questions answered, It’s probably impossible for you to fail a test 😂. ❤


  2. The bags trending now are cute. Love the transparent one more. Have one of the raffia ones which I got way before the trend, but I don’t use it as a fashion accessory. .

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