10 under 10,000 naira Valentines day appropriate outfits from Nigerian Fashion Brands

Whether you are spending Valentine’s day with the love of your life, or with some of your best pals,here are some valentines day outfits on a ten thousand naira budget or less ;


shop here N7000

I love the print on this jacket, I think it’s fun, quirky and bold.

shop here N5910

This tux  playsuit is a fun mix of smart  and super casual,although  I’d  say more casual than smart because of its length.


shop here N9500

I love the silky fabric that this wrap dress is made  from,it  makes it look so  lush and sultry, perfect for a valentine dinner date. i  also like the  puff sleeves .

N10000 shop here

This outfit is for the girl whose style and personality is daring, this defines  more is more so well.


shop here N9800

Simple and classic, a little red dress is a fool proof outfit for valentines day.  You simply can’t miss it.

N8800 shop here 

I absolutely  love this denim jumpsuit because  I’m  a denim lover through and through,  I like that even though this outfit is denim it doesn’t look totally laid back.


shop here N9800

I think this burgundy  dress is for the girl who wants to wear a colour that isn’t red for valentines day,I love how tasteful this colour  looks  when properly put together.

shop here N8800

Pick this dress because valentine is all about flower power 😍



shop here

Some More floral goodness, because flowers die but beautiful  dresses are forever.

I like the prints on both dress and the pleated hem is fun and flirty.

N8500 shop here

I’d like to think that 10000 naira is a good enough budget for buying a dress for valentines day, yet finding dresses that I really liked enough to feature on this post was a chore

Nigerian fashion brands please do better with your price points.

I had fun putting this together  and I hope you have as much fun reading through.

My fave outfit here  is the denim jumpsuit from @miskay simple casual sophisticated, with a good price tag.

Which is yours? Do tell.

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