January Favourites

Happy New Month as we Nigerians say

Although a lot of people felt January was a really  lenghty month, it has even been tagged  the “year of January” 😂 . I on the other hand thought it was just right ,as i had to click reset on some things and deal with some changes that came with a brand new year.

Today I’m  sharing with you some of my favourite things  in the last month  and where to purchase similar

First  off this red cat eye sunglasses that is the closest thing to the New micro sunglasses trend. I love it, I think it’s super cute.

Find it here

this beautiful drop  earrings for obvious reasons I’ve worn it in almost every outfit post I shot in January.   I need to shake my jewellery box and look for something  else asap.

Buy here @accessories2die4

This t-shirt from Jumia that has on it my 2018 mood “I need money not feelings, and if you are going to bring feelings at all ,make sure you’re coming with a lot of money  ..lol!

Buy here @jumiafashion

The absolute hd foundation from my PR package  from original cosmetics applies flawlessly and has shortened my foundation blending time and thus the time I spend wearing Makeup. Love! Love! Love!.

Check out my review of this foundation  here and buy here

This gorgeous  dress that has made me come to the conclusion that yellow  is most definitely my colour add some splash of green and purple and it’s perfect…All of my favourite  colours in one dress .

(This is the dress I wore in my first post in 2018, if you missed it check it out here)

 Buy here @Desire1709fashion 

Last but not the least this silicone marble phone case , there’s something about marble that makes stuff look luxe and this does just that. 

Find similar here.

Tell me What’s your favourite  thing on this list?  Maybe I can give  one thing away.

 share some of you January  Favourites  with me as well.

And if you wear a shoe size 40 and like this shoe 

Participate in this giveaway  to win

As always  the rules are really simple!

Don’t forget  to use the hashtag #thetonyeigbanigiveaway to make it easy to find your entry

Winner  should  live in Lagos  and be able to pick up.

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21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

4 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. Ohhh and that tee-shirt! #2018mood! I need to carry one around and just raise it up or wear it when someone is trying to act otherwise. Friendly reminder

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