How To Wear One Dress In Two Ways.

Dont you you just love a piece of clothing that can be worn multiple ways?,with most things I own I try to think of the many ways it can be worn before purchasing. 

I was looking to buy a dress for the yearly Christmas  party that  happens at my house (Read as ; my fathers house,because  I neva buy house yet) only a day to Christmas because I was telling myself that I’m  grown, and I did not need  to go out to buy an outfit  solely to wear for Christmas … Lol! Who was I kidding!!!! 

a day before Christmas ,i woke up panicked, and i had to head out to look for a dress. Debras Grace was open even though it was a Sunday and Christmas Eve for that matter . Hmmmm *side eye*

I found this dress  in what I deem  the perfect colour, as at the time I had no green dress in my wardrobe, and fortunately green is also a Christmas colour. I love the sleeves, I also didn’t  have to go to the changing room to try it on as there’s a zip right in front of the dress,I was sold.

I  wore it as a dress on Christmas day and on a different day as a jacket . It’s definitely something  I’d  be wearing  often as it has a lot of styling options. For example;  I could still wear it as a jacket with pant trousers  instead as opposed to styling  it with a skirt Like I did in this post.

I’m glad I went out last minute to get this Dress just thinking about the other ways I could style it.

Are you a last minute shopper? Or an early shopper?  
I’d also like to know,would you wear this dress?

 And  how  would you wear it? .
Share your thoughts on this post with me in the comment  section.
Thank you

7 thoughts on “How To Wear One Dress In Two Ways.

  1. I totally love this look and the jacket …I am a trouser person so a pallazo with same shade as the jacket with a pretty white lingerie and white heels …looks bomb in my head already


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