How To Wear One Dress In Two Ways.

Dont you you just love a piece of clothing that can be worn multiple ways?,with most things I own I try to think of the many ways it can be worn before purchasing. 

I was looking to buy a dress for the yearly Christmas  party that  happens at my house (Read as ; my fathers house,because  I neva buy house yet) only a day to Christmas because I was telling myself that I’m  grown, and I did not need  to go out to buy an outfit  solely to wear for Christmas … Lol! Who was I kidding!!!! 

a day before Christmas ,i woke up panicked, and i had to head out to look for a dress. Debras Grace was open even though it was a Sunday and Christmas Eve for that matter . Hmmmm *side eye*

I found this dress  in what I deem  the perfect colour, as at the time I had no green dress in my wardrobe, and fortunately green is also a Christmas colour. I love the sleeves, I also didn’t  have to go to the changing room to try it on as there’s a zip right in front of the dress,I was sold.

I  wore it as a dress on Christmas day and on a different day as a jacket . It’s definitely something  I’d  be wearing  often as it has a lot of styling options. For example;  I could still wear it as a jacket with pant trousers  instead as opposed to styling  it with a skirt Like I did in this post.

I’m glad I went out last minute to get this Dress just thinking about the other ways I could style it.

Are you a last minute shopper? Or an early shopper?  
I’d also like to know,would you wear this dress?

 And  how  would you wear it? .
Share your thoughts on this post with me in the comment  section.
Thank you

Published by tonyeigbani

21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

7 thoughts on “How To Wear One Dress In Two Ways.

  1. I totally love this look and the jacket …I am a trouser person so a pallazo with same shade as the jacket with a pretty white lingerie and white heels …looks bomb in my head already


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