Maybelline MATTE mousse foundation REVIEW.

Maybelline dream MATTE mousse in SHADE Espresso 

Size: 18ml

Maybelline MATTE mousse

​what the maybelline matte mousse  delivers?

  • Stays matte for about 3- 4 hours, which is contrary to the 16 hrs it promises. My skin is really oily so I’d let that slide. Although I have to say that the foundation truly has a shine free finish compared to other foundations I’ve tried.
  • The maybelline matte mousse is truly lightweight and so does not feel heavy.
  • It has a light to medium coverage which is great but unfortunately if you have spots you want to conceal l don’t think this foundation is the foundation for you
  • It’s buildable but the content is small , if you want to build it up to let’s say a full coverage you’d finish the entire content in a short while. 
  • It cost 4000 naira which I think is AFFORDABLE. Then again affordability is relative.


    1. MATTE


    1. STAYS MATTE FOR ONLY 3-4 HRS. I look forward  to finding a foundation  that stays matte on me for at least 8 hrs but now that I’ve said that aloud it sounds ridiculous  to even me.
    2. Light coverage is great but I’d like a foundation that does more than just light coverage without having to build it up.
    3. The content  is small. A bigger container would be nice I’ve been using it for only about three and a half months now  and I’ve already got the pan which means it would soon finish.

    How to use: use a beauty sponge or your fingers, I discovered  that a foundation brush does not give this foundation a flawless application.

    1. Maybelline MATTE mousse review

    I’m not sure, I’d try the maybelline matte liquid foundation before I decide whether or not I’d be repurchasing it . 
    I’d like to know ,

    Full face, maybelline foundation and classic powder

    Do you have Oily or dry skin?

    What  foundations to use?

    Maybelline  MATTE  mousse in espresso

    Before you go here’s a funny story:

    When I purchased the foundation I didn’t realise that it was MAT  written on it instead of matte , so I went crazy for a few hours after I found out, thinking I had bought a fake foundation. 

    ABI which one is “Mat” foundation “can one sleep on the foundation. How did I go out to buy a “matte” foundation and then end up with a mat 😂.

    I sent Bimpe Onakoya a message on instagram basically  just trying my luck and not actually expecting a reply but She replied!!!!! 

    Apparently “mat” is the American spelling for “matte”

    Super busy BIMPE ONAKOYA Replied, I already love her and her work but that made me love her even more.

    I hope this review is helpful, if you use the maybelline matte mousse I’d like to know what you think about it. Tell me in the comment section. 

    Thanks a lot for reading.💞

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