My staple hair products (4c hair)

I decided to  share my staple products for my natural  hair because I get a lot of questions about it. (Haha! Every blogger says I get a lot of questions,  but I’m serious though) I guess I can now refer people to this blog post instead of al the long explanation  that follows.

I’m a minimalist with regards to my hair and hair products so I’m not about to bombard you with one million and one products

  1. Shea coco body wash as SHAMPOO

I’ve used this for so long ,that I don’t remember ever buying an actual shampoo to wash my hair. It’s a liquid black soap with all natural ingredients. N1500

2. Olive oil hair mayonnaise 

I skip the entire process of using a regular conditioner and I use a deep conditioner instead ( I don’t know if that’s good or bad,but it has worked for me so far and has shortened my wash day to a wash hour or two N1050

3. Cantu leave in  conditioning cream

When I first started using the Cantu  leave in conditioning cream I had a where have you been all my life moment, it works really well for my hair. Bought it N2500 the  first time around, second jar cost N3500

4. Shea moisture deep treatment mask

The Shea moisture deep treatment mask is suppose to be a deep conditioner  but I use it instead as a leave in coditioner *shrugs*

5. Virgin olive oil and castor oil

These oils serve as the O  in my L.O.C method. The Castor oil is majorly used for my edges and to seal my ends because of its consistency.

6. Shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil diy whipped mixture

 this buttery diy mixture of Shea butter and coconut oil that works magic for me when I’m mosturising. Great for both hair and skin.

7. Eco Styler Gel in Argan oil

I don’t know if this is odd but I think the eco styler Argan  oil  gel grows my edges try it and let me know if I’m  wrong. N1350

So there you have it my staple natural hair products/treatments.

Relaxed  or natural hair?

I’d like to know what your staple hair products are,share them with me in the comment  section. Thank you.

Inserts picture of hair to convince you that its ok to take hair advice from me 😂😂

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7 thoughts on “My staple hair products (4c hair)

  1. Ohhhh, I like how minimalist you are with your hair products. Wish I could claim the same. Ahem. How do you like the SM deep treatment masque as a leave in? I’ve wanted to get it for a while now. It actually doubles as leave in as well as deep conditioner so you are all good.
    PS. I big chopped this Jan back to natural hair and I love love love the argan oil Eco styler too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cara. Lol! A lot of naturals are product junkies.
      The deep treatment mask is Ok, it has no slip though and can’t be used to detangle but then again I have little to no hair breakage and I think it might be because of this product.
      YAY! So glad you are back natural , welcome.


      1. Yes I’m back, thank you! I couldn’t transition, I just couldn’t deal and kept relaxing so I big chopped after about a month! 😱

        I’m not going to get it. I’m currently one of the product junkie naturals, gosh. But excuse me, I’m in therapy! Ahem. Lmao

        Liked by 1 person

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