Pink Top + Red skirt.

How to wear a pink top and red skirt

I think that the colour pink  and red make for such an interesting combo . Luckily!.

And contrary to popular opinion it also isn’t the hardest look to pull off.

Styling a pink top and red skirt

I’m  wearing my off shoulder top from Payporte up side down yes! You read that right,click here to see it styled differently

A little twitch and it looks like a completely different top , I paired it with a red skirt I got from a shop maju sale a while back.

Speaking on the red skirt, after buying it I realised it was a little too tight at the midsection and would “show off” my stomach so I didn’t wear it for a long time … but look at me now 

Nope ,my stomach isn’t flatter, Its just tucked  in almost perfectly,  and if I’m looking a little too fierce in any of  these photos it’s from the stress of squeezing the yam and egg I ate before this pictures were taken too hard.
Moral of this blog post;

Pink and red go well together

Nothing you see on the internet is real like my supposedly sizeable tummy

Be your own body goals until you reach your body goals

Eat carbs…. I don’t know,just kidding… or maybe not 😂

Become a pro at tucking your tummy in and at posing to cover the bulge😉

Pink and red colour combination
You can also place your hand across your tummy like this ,to hide your love for carbs

Thank you for reading

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