My Nysc camp experience + lessons learnt

I decided it is really important for me to share my national youth service corps camp experience,  it’s a year long call to serve the nation that starts with a 3 week camp in whatever state you are posted.

So I was posted to Lagos, which is where I live and where I schooled,its unusual to be posted to the same place you live and school bit close to the time  we were getting posted, I realised that some adventures are overrated and if you could die on an adventure then it’s not worth it  (basically I was terrified of getting posted to the northern part of Nigeria )and i decided to make Lagos  happen for myself.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen instagram posts or snaps of what Lagos camp is like, the nightlife, the partying, the excitement I’d like to inform you that it’s all social media hype most things are not as fun as they seem on social media

For example it looked like endless partying on social media but in real life it ends by 10 or 10:30 pm.

So,the first lesson learnt is to distrust almost everything you see on social media 

Carnival in nysc camp

I’ve heard from people  that it looks like I had a lot fun on camp lol! Emphasis on “looks like”, keep in mind that,i didn’t share pictures of my 30 man room, my super thin mattress or the state of the bathroom  and toilet, because that’s not how social media works 😜

Which brings to my second lesson “life is what you make of it” before camp I was very anxious about what it would be like ,but most of all I was determined that i would make New friends and enjoy every single part of the 3 weeks,I didn’t enjoy every single part eventually ,but I rolled with the  punches and i kind of enjoyed being able to do that.

Moral of this particular  story is if you think camp would suck for you it would, but if you have a strong positive mindset you might enjoy it.

I already  mentioned my 30 man room,30 people enclosed in a small room is to me the ultimate recipe for disaster, different people  with different mindsets, different upbringing, different behaviour, some madder than others, there was one real nut case in my room, that’s the only mad person i noticed there might have been others .

Learning to deal with other people was another important lesson

Learning to control my emotions,  and not be unneccessarily aggravated. There were a few instances where people would annoy me and I’d puposely decide not to get angry.

Learning to walk away from negativity.

learning to share

If you’re going for nysc camp anytime soon I’d  say the sure way to enjoy it is to forget about your living conditions  (I hope it’s better than mine ), make New friends (shout  to all the amazing people i met in those 3 weeks), and be intentionally active and find an activity  you like , i took  a lot of photos and that’s something I like.

If you’ve gone for nysc camp share some of your experiences and lessons learnt in the comment section,I’d like to read it and  you never know someone might need it.

Created a category for my nysc experience here so I’d  definitely share more as it goes along and a list of what you’d  need for nysc camp.
Thanks a lot for reading.

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22 thoughts on “My Nysc camp experience + lessons learnt

  1. Love the post, but I must say
    Please, I have been dreaming of this hairstyle for monthssssss!
    How is the hair? Is it really painful? What did you use? Baby wool? Share deets oh


  2. Still “looks like you” had funπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. On another note which says you can’t learn a lot of things in 3weeks, you sure did girl πŸ‘Œ. Waiting on new nysc stories like😎.

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  3. Okay, so don’t laugh guys! I literally call home (mom) that i do not think i can cope with the living situation in camp “and that was on my first night at yikpata camp kwara state”; my mom just laughed and said others have survived b4 you, you will survive

    I really can’t say that I enjoyed camp life per say cos unlike most corpers who stayed up till the soldiers blew their biegel, I was already on my bed sleeping, even b4 8pm “after all that stress during d day I cannur com n die”

    Also, one need to be mindful of the platoon you get placed in, for instance platoon 9 is known for always losing in all competitions, platoon 4 is known for always wining beauty pageants, platoon 3 cooking competition and if ur unfortunate to get platoon 2, my platoon 2 “chai’, God help you”; platoon 2 we are known for our constant incessant noise on the parade ground and we are always getting punished, a lot!! “25 frog jumps per day, and my mom wondered why I was so slim wen I got back home from camp” *wheww*

    All in all, camp was okay, I later made friends, I became my platoon parade commander, couple of girls attempted to turn me to their meal ticket “but my God did no gree with dem”

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  4. camp was just so so for me. Can’t say I overly enjoyed it like I hear people avergaely did, but it wasn’t that bad. I had a camp boo, a sturdy, huge afro, beard gang stud of a dude, so I tagged along on his motions. He had a way of getting cash, so he sort of invariably became my part time meal ticket, though I most declined his offers and all.


  5. Hi Tonye,

    Lol @ “Some adventures are overrated”. I agree with you! πŸ˜€

    Excellent lessons, could also be applied to life, generally.

    Your faux locs are so chic.


  6. Firs5 off, i loveeeeeee ur hair. All u sed z so true about camp, camp was crazy, served in ekiti state, ders nothing fun about camp xept u make friends nd get involved in activities, i had to get involved in d social activities nd also made some friends in order to cope in camp, toilet/bathroom was terrible, bed space/room was hell, having to wake early nd sleet late too was not nice. Having to deal with pple too, i learnt a lot in camp o, infact it opened my eyes to things o, as in ehn, camp lyf z anoda lyf i tell you, m glad dat part of my lyf z done nd dusted sha, i didn’t even enjoy nysc yr sef i was posted to a village’s village, yup u heard me ryt village’s village. M sorry i just v a lot to say πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nd sorry if my commeny myt sound discouraging to some pple m sorry i just had to talk lol.

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    1. Lol! I think your comment is encouraging, i won’t trade my camp experience for anything but i definitely wont do it all over again. Thank you for the compliment on the hairstyle and for your comment πŸ’žπŸ’ž


  7. Lovely hair!
    I camped in Gombe state 5years ago. I wouldn’t call it fun, but aside the toilets and bathrooms situation I enjoyed every other bit. I was glad I had the experience. I was mostly in camp clinic and camp band so didn’t do them marching / drills and all. Only went once in a while when I was in the mood. But ironically I was subguard during my passing out parade at the end of service year in Benin (redeployed there). My best moments was being in the camp band. It was fun!! Great people. I also enjoyed evening mami wakas.
    I think going to camp with a very open mind helps one enjoy and experience the moments. No need to base expectations on other people’s experiences or social media stories.


  8. My camp life was both fun and boring.The first week was very hectic n boring dat I had to call my siblings that everything I was told were lies. As the weeks went by I began to enjoy it.
    Ur own better, na 30 man room, ours was 40 man room. The toilet and bathroom were nothing to write abt, Gosh twas very disgusting! For the first week, I bathed outside but cos twas during harmattan I caught catarrh and cough. I had to manage d dirty bathroom like dat.
    Hmmmm, the food is not something to even write abt. The food were so worst, I used all my money on food that I forgot to take hard copy pictures except for the ones taken with phones.
    The fun part of it were the pageants, carnival, MDG. All in all, twas a wonderful experience!

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  9. Please and please.. Nice write up tonye .. M contemplating between choosing lagos or Oyo state for my service.. Would be going to camp Nov.. M soo confused.. Choosing lagos cus of the opportunities and Oyo, ibadan to b precise cus life is easier there.. Pls if u have any connections to companies that take youth corpers in Lagos and ibadan.. Please help.. All in all I need advice


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