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Sometimes you’re on a roll , sometimes you are too tired to pen down anything or take pictures under the fire that is the Sun in Lagos…. So I’m thinking of adding more content that isn’t my personal style on here.

Happy New Month Beautiful People, as always I hope the new month is going great for you .

For me, Nysc is coming either this month or next    ( confirmed its the month before I published this post)    and I can’t wait to get it over with and I’m also not ready, talk about contradictions.whenever it comes I’d be ready sha.

This year I decided I’d invest more in experiences than in things, go out more and buy less stuff … Clothes in particular, which is why  patnering to start outwiththebloggers was/is important but let me tell you something that probably nobody has told you  before partnerships can be hard, admittedly  its fun , especially the brain storming sessions, the saying that two heads are better than one is the truth but unfortunately two heads can also easily lock, no matter how much of a shared vision you think you have, I think thats mostly why marriage is tough.

P.s: follow @hangout_Lagos i created this account to help me go out more and it might help you too. I’m curating events and fun places I want to visit in Lagos .

Speaking of marriage, a bible study on courtship and dating has been going on in the church I attend and it has been the funniest thing , i attend just to have a good laugh and observe ,as you know laughter is good for the body . 

The questions raised are funny, with some men insisting they want their wives to hand wash their clothes and cook fresh homemade meals daily , and be fire in bed, and also have  a topnotch career… Sigh.

Some ladies were also talking about how pretentious  men are and how a man will claim to love you until its time to part with his money or until he marries you. That one , only God can help us with, by giving is the spirit of discernment to figure whether he’s honest or a liar.
Feminism has also being one of those things prominenton my mind, what is feminism really? Can the definition of feminism differ across women? Have heard many people define it in many different ways and these days I’m not so quick to call myself a feminist anymore, because sometimes I really really really think about it and I’m not sure I truly understand it

Does Feminism mean I have to split the bill on a date ?  I don’t feel like it

Does feminism mean that he won’t pay my bride price?

Do I have to pay the children’s school fees because I’m a feminist?

I want work place equality does not mean I want to be equal to men, I believe that men aren’t the standard of humanity, I’m sorry if this offends you.

Lol! Am i a feminist or a fem i -when it pleases me -n ist. I may be a bad feminist, but I think I’m a good human😆.

On a serious note How do I mix my cultural norms and all I’ve believed in before the concept of feminism? Im really asking…I want answers.

Me to me, but boredom /hunger (same difference)

I started the month of April on a super positive note trying to eat healthier (lol!) And exercise (trolololol )apart from diets  being expensive in Lagos, they are also not appetizing, I was going through some popular diets and I was majorly saying “God forbid this kind of diet for me”, “kuku kill me”,”  I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life” especially fthe one where you need to completely cut out carbs and now pretend  cabbage is rice by ricing it 😱😨😩😭

Ricing is the process of putting food into a food processor and.making it look like rice I was so annoyed when I discovered cabbage rice was just cabbage that has been cut to be made look like rice

Does that mean I can rice beans or rice tomatoes,please let’s behave with this diet thing.

Are you trying to be healthier,are you on a diet?tell me how its going.

Thank you for reading

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5 thoughts on “Life Lately & other stories

  1. The whole point of Feminism is for women to have the room to make their own choices, even if it isn’t in Vogue. I recommend reading Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist, where she talks extensively about the myth of Ideal Feminism and how in trying to shame women into being a certain way, the ideal is being contradicted.
    About paying bills on a date: it’s simple, whoever initiated the outing should be ready to pay. I wouldn’t call you out of your home to go out with me while nursing the idea that you’ll pay for it based on your gender. That is just rude.

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  2. Hi Tonye! Good thing I stopped by to read this. Girl, you are not alone on this nysc thing, being single and deciding to explore places. I’m tired of hearing marriage topics (not that it’s a bad thing) but at this point I’m like y’ll should let me breathe. Marriage will come when it will come but I’m learning to place myself “strategically”LOL.

    I think it’s great you started a hangout lagos handle..i’d check it out. Great post babe!

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    1. Hello Vickie!!!
      Lol! Nysc is kinda scary.
      They won’t let us hear word about marriage , haha! I like how strategically sounds.
      Thanks a lot. I appreciate your comment.


  3. In my opinion, the secular world as it is, is a religion of its own now. Men and women are different! If you disagree, strip them both naked and tell me if they look the same.
    However, the difference should not make one Lord over the other, neither should it make the other rebellious. It’s all about mutual respect.
    I’ve been guilty in time past but we learn everyday! Isn’t that the whole idea of life and living.

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