Mini skirts X fishnets

Since I got this fishnet tights I’ve been wanting to wear it with every single thing, I’ve stopped myself a lot of times πŸ˜‚, can you blame me, its super cool and edgy.

I’ve heard that fishnets and mini skirts can tend to look a little trashy but my number one tip to avoid that is to keep everything else simple.

I’m wearing a white cotton top from Jumia,

Denim skirt from payporte same as the one in this triple denim post,

And Gold blocked heeled sandals from Asos.

What do you think about this outfit ? I hear I even look slimmer, which is really just an illusion because I untucked both sides of my shirt to hide my true love for carbs πŸ˜‚.

In unrelated but kind of related news,I’d like to take a second to pay my respects to people who wear braid wigs regularly…. The heat ehn… Im truly in awe of how all you lagos big girls carry on so effortlessly, and slay all those instagram pictures, in the words of falzthebahd guy “weh done ma”. Heat or no heat, it looks so good and it is definitely the best bet if you arent willing to go throughthe pain of newly installed braids and the loss of edges that sometimes comes with it .

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I entered into this competition not realizing I’d have to tag a million and one people to nominate me and send a gazzilion dm’s ,by the time I realized that it is a lot of work (like everything else in life), I was already in too deep,and my mother says I cant give up πŸ˜‚, so forgive me for my numerous dm’s but also nominate me. Thank you 😘.

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16 thoughts on “Mini skirts X fishnets

  1. You look great! I, agree, pairing fishnets with simple pieces can bring your look from trashy to classy. You definitely slayed this look. I, myself, LOVE fishnets! I’ve actually been rocking fishnet thigh highs from this brand called VienneMilano. I know you’re thinking “thigh highs?” but yes, if done right they can be worn with elegantly outside the bedroom (I know you would pull it off!!!). I laughed so hard at the braided wig part. My sister never wears her braided wigs in the summer, and now I know why. LOL. Fabulous post, beautiful!


    1. Thank you 😘. I’d love to try the thigh high fishnets tights.
      Lol! Those braided wigs are for the brave only, I think it would be better to wear them when its cold, unfortunately it’s never cold in Lagos.

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  2. Girl your hot!!!! I’m about to get on the braid wig coaster since I dislike sitting long hours for hair plus natural hair neatness with extension just doesn’t last more than a week and two days for me. Thanks for getting my mind ready for the heat.


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