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Hi darlings,

We are a few days into the month of April, and I hope that this new month is already going as great you hoped for.

I’m doing the and other stories late again but as it is said, “better late than never”


The last time one of my cousins came to my church , a lot of the older women called her to discuss her weight, everybody had one advice or the other, some drug, or supplement one thing or the other and it opened my eyes to the fact that life as a fat person must be truly be difficult, fat isn’t supposed to be derogatory but we’ve made it seem like that, fat isn’t the same thing as ugly or unattractive, what I found most annoying was that most of this women were just as fat or even fatter. Let people be please , what if they have some health condition that doesn’t allow them lose weight or makes them gain weight or better still what if fat is exactly what they want to be.who died and made you chief adviser on obesity matters. I tire .

You’d think skinny people have it better, a friend OF mine mentioned that she was told at a job interview that she couldn’t get the job because she was too skinny and looked like she only ate spaghetti…what is wrong with people. Whether you are fat, skinny, tall,short,  you better love yourself because these streets are overly judgmental.

We need to stop shaming in all its forms ,whether its fat shaming or slut shaming or make up shaming,  all those I don’t like when girls where a lot of makeup, if you don’t like a lot of makeup,then don’t wear a lot of makeup,let the people that want to wear plenty makeup wear it


The other day someone I follow on instagram, mentioned that her brother almost got kidnapped at oshodi in Lagos,some men dressed as police officers were going to arrest him, took screenshots so you can read it yourself.

I’ve seen this happen too often , people who would rather stand and watch instead of helping out, a crowd of 50 people gathered and could do nothing against four or five fake policemen even when they knew that these people were fake policemen.

The other day there was an accident at third mainland bridge, cars on the other side where traffic was flowing parked their cars to look at the scene , nobody was offering a helping hand , people literally just stopped to watch film… We all need to do better, stop unnecessary looku looku and lend a helping hand, speak out when your fellow human being is being treated unjustly .

Sharing this last one with you because this is an advise i heard once and I’ve had to continually give in this past month.

Just because you’ve invested your time into something does not mean you should continue with it even when its fruitless, you find out that the course you’ve been doing in the university is not what you really want to do but you can’t change your course because you’ve already spent 2years, you realize that the person you’ve been dating is not that into you but you can’t end the relationship because you’ve been dating for 5years… Its sad. Imagine going somewhere and taking the wrong route, realizing its the wrong route after 5hours and still continuing with the same route because you’ve been at it for a long time… Makes no sense… So for anyone that needs this,sometimes giving up one thing and redirecting your energy to something that is more fruitful is showing true strength.

If you are still here, 

Thanks a lot for reading.

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