The Back to Front Shirt

I’ve always wondered how practical this back to front shirt street style trend is, so I tried it out and here are my thoughts

The neck is slightly uncomfortable

You might not be so pleased with it if you are not one for wonky aesthetics. I think designers should look into making a back to front shirt that’s actually made to be worn back to front… Just so it can look better.

To do the back to front shirt style you’d need a shirt that’s like one or two sizes bigger

And somebody to help you do the buttons …. That’s all.

I didn’t get a lot of stares or comments so I figure its safe to wear out.. Although Not noticing anybody staring might be because I’m shortsighted(perks of being shortsighted, you don’t notice anybody looking at you funny) and I refuse to wear my glasses unless I’m reading a book or watching TV.

The only person that made a comment was my mum and she said “this does not make any sense” and it took even her a little while to notice.

Styled it velvet leggings because i decided anything else would have been too much, considering the shirts already busy.

I like how it looks and I’d probably try it a few more times…. What do you think?.

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13 thoughts on “The Back to Front Shirt

  1. I tried it once but it was very uncomfortable πŸ˜‚ i like d trend in fact m thinking of trying it again without doing all d buttons so it’d look somewhat backless? Not had d nerve tho but soon lol, gingham ehn i love d fabric nd design i av my eyes on dat too.


  2. I’m willing to try this. Though I’ve worn my tee shirt this way a couple of times and my Mom also said it made no sense πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ didn’t stop me tho.


  3. I agree to the trial with a size or two bigger, I felt a bit uncomfortable when I tried mine. The ease was the compliment I got, maybe it’s cause I did it off shoulder back to front. You look pretty 😍


  4. hey, why didn’t you show us your back?

    i never usually get to see the back view of bact-to-front stylers. And for some reason that’s my concern. i feel like the short wouldnt lay flat on the back contrary to how it would be assumed since the bust for the front would shift the shirt more forward and so creat more room at the back


    1. It did lay at the back , I somehow managed to not get a picture of the back. But if you check pictures online of the back of shirts worn back to front, the back usually looks even better than the front.

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      1. well, i have tops were the back is laid in buttons from the neck to the button like a reverse shirt, so I know how that can look. But for a regular shirt, I find it looks funny sort of. Mostly fashion peeps like you guys pull it off. Still, I like your shirt!!


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