I’ve always wondered how practical this back to front shirt street style trend is, so I tried it out and here are my thoughts

The neck is slightly uncomfortable

You might not be so pleased with it if you are not one for wonky aesthetics. I think designers should look into making a back to front shirt that’s actually made to be worn back to front… Just so it can look better.

To do the back to front shirt style you’d need a shirt that’s like one or two sizes bigger

And somebody to help you do the buttons …. That’s all.

I didn’t get a lot of stares or comments so I figure its safe to wear out.. Although Not noticing anybody staring might be because I’m shortsighted(perks of being shortsighted, you don’t notice anybody looking at you funny) and I refuse to wear my glasses unless I’m reading a book or watching TV.

The only person that made a comment was my mum and she said “this does not make any sense” and it took even her a little while to notice.

Styled it velvet leggings because i decided anything else would have been too much, considering the shirts already busy.

I like how it looks and I’d probably try it a few more times…. What do you think?.