Tarkwa Bay Beach Lagos with Outwiththebloggers

I mentioned this trip to the beach with outwiththebloggers in this post about what to wear to the beach

It was definitely a fun one, I enjoyed being by the beach and actually being able to get into the water, which is unlike most beaches in Lagos. I think they claim its the safest beach in Lagos,and I agree.

The Tents @ Tarkwa Bay

I take my haggling seriously

A few things that I think are important to mention about going to tarkwa bay beach Lagos is that:

1)You can only get there by speed boats.

We took off from the Bonny Jetty, I hear it’s also called mekwe jetty and an even better description is the Jetty beside American embassy car park.

2)its better to go in a group, so you can reduce the costs.

3)You should take your food and drinks along with you, to make your life easier. There were no food vendors in sight, but I hear there’s a place to buy food around but its expensive.

I loved the vibe of this place and the arts and crafts that they were selling there. its a nice place to go during the weekend.

I’m very grateful to everyone who came out , we asked people to come ready to have fun and everyone did.

The squad

Also grateful to all the sponsors that made the event truely special

You can find a recap of the day on leestyleport ‘s blog

Follow the Instagram page@outwiththebloggers  to find out what out with the bloggers is really about ,and also so you do not miss out on any of our fun arrangements .

If you missed out on this one, don’t worry, Preparations are already ongoing for the next fun thing we would be doing in the month of May.

Get ready!.

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