Hi darlings 

I’ve been super excited about the beach trip to Tarkwa Bay orgarnised by @outwiththebloggers on Instagram.

So I decided to put up a post on outfit options for the beach

When I’m thinking of what to wear to the beach I usually think casual,comfortable, light weight,and easy.

Shorts and a top

This is a great go to outfit for the beach and its very easy to put together and also very comfortable , I think this is the most common way people dress to the beach.


I love. Sundresses, its easily my favorite way to show up at beach hangouts / parties . a casual loose fitting light weight dress is always a good idea.


A shorter version of a jumpsuit, Another favorite is a playsuit, I think that playsuits are a chic and an easy outfit option for that beach outing

shift dress/ Tunic

Slip into an elegant yet fun shift dress for that beach outing.

Maxi skirt and a top, maxi dresses:

Maxis skirts and maxi dresses are my least favorite things to wear to wear to the beach but I still can’t deny how cute and breezy they look on the beach 

Also Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit,sunscreen, sunglasses, and a beach hat into that cute waterproof beach bag .

What are some of your favorite outfits for a beach day out?.

If you are in Lagos, Nigeria ,let’s hang out at the beach on the 18th of March 

Send a mail to outwiththebloggers @gmail.com and check their Instagram page for all the details. 

See ya!