Hi! My name is Tonye Igbani and I am obsessed with Denim & Ankara πŸ˜‚.

If you know me you’d know that ankara and denim are my absolute favorites… I hoard Ankara materials like no mans business and any dress, top, trousers,shoes inclusive that’s made with denim I’d most likely buy .

Is there anyone like me here , raise up your hand πŸ™‹and let’s start a support group. Lol! 

So I randomly chose this outfit, while hurrying out to meet my photographer friend for a quick shoot, I had zero idea how it would look till the pictures were taken, because i didn’t try it out before hand and there was no mirror at the location.

Maybe I’m rihanna really… I mean its very likely , check out my previous post here if you still don’t get the connection

The title of this post is mainly because I automatically entered into African Queen mode as soon as I had this hair done…. Does this ever happen to you?

Also, what do you think about the outfit ?, let me know in the comment section.

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Photography by:Oluwatoniloba Akinditure


The giveaway winner

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at the beginning of the competition I already said I’d choose at random using a random picker and I did just that

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