Sweet tooth Portharcourt

Hi guys!

I’m back in Lagos now, so I decided to do one last ” things to do in Portharcourt” post, before I get back to regular scheduled programming.

I was at sweettooth twice , once with a friend from uni and the next time with my blogger boos @toksdavid and @theblackwriter check out her recap of our blogger hangout here

I like the ambience, it’s a typical icecream/gelato shop look,the decor was still Christmas themed, I’d love to see what they do next with their decorations. the chairs are cute and the all round glass doors make for a perfect view. 

Kids would love the playroom and playground. 

I think my favourite thing about sweet tooth would be the variety in the things they have to offer there’s gelato, sorbets, waffles,Cakes, crepes, candy and frozen yoghurt

There’s even coffee! A door in sweet tooth leads to a cute coffee shop called the corner store

Seems perfect right?

But I have to say that a few things need to change the service is slow, long and kind of tedious…. Let me explain you get to the counter ,somebody comes to take your order and writes it in some list,gives you the list, then you queue up on some long line because the service is slow and there’s only one cashier after that you give your list to the person serving and for some reason they’re confused about what you ordered or didn’t order and your gelato starts melting..  Very Annoying.

As if that wasn’t horrible enough I got a fruit cake instead of a chocolate chip cake. If I ever have trust issues my darling,blame sweet tooth confectioneries. The fruit cake wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t almost as hard as rock.

Would I go back? 


 its a cool place to hang out with family and friends, we had our phc bloggers hangout there. I hope that if I do go back the service is faster , more organised and efficient.

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