coffee shops  are fast becoming a thing in Nigeria ,and you can trust Port Harcourt not to be left out.

Sometime ago,I saw a post on the gram about the first and only coffee shop in portharcourt(I don’t know if that’s entirely true) and I decided to visit it .

Its located at 20 birabi street, GRA. Portharcourt.

It has an outdoor sitting area , i like the outdoor sitting area, i think it’s a good place to sit and chat with friends and take nice pictures.

it also has an indoor sitting area that looks comfortable and homely, I think its definitely a great place to get some work done, read a book, or just relax.

I hear they have free WiFi, i didn’t ask and nobody offered.

Its a small, nice, and cosy place although i have to say that the service was a bit slow, I guess they need more than one attendant. I also think the indoor sitting area is a bit too dark .

Id give them points for thier nice packaging and affordable pricing.

I had a turkey sandwich that cost me 600 naira and the small size caramel frapuccino cost 700 naira.

Would I go back? Yes! Its comfortable, its affordable and the frappuccino was actually really nice.

If you live in Portharcourt, or you are visiting Portharcourt,you should check them out.