Happy Holidays!!! + LA campagne tropicana review

I hope you had an amazing Christmas celebration…. I finally figured out the reason for my end of year blues….. MONEY!!!!!! I need money. Its not too late to send me some.

I also announced the winner of the blog giveaway on Instagram. Thank you to everyone who participated… Imagine throwing a party and nobody attends that’s how it would have felt if you didn’t so I’m grateful. 

I know people who have lowkey begged me to participate in thier giveaways so trust me the struggle is sometimes real .

I visited LA campagne tropicana on boxing day, organised by @pricelessjewel56 and she did a great job I’d update this post as soon as i get the pictures.It was a fun day but let me just tell you now the place is on the outskirts of lagos, farther than travelling to Ibadan … Be prepared. 

The journey to and fro was definitely the most exhausting part. There was a long list of activities but I didn’t see that many activities going on there were boat rides and kayaking and swimming but even that cost an additional fee of 500naira apart from the 4000naira entrance fee. Kind of pricey if you ask me  and shouldn’t the entrance fee cover at least a few of the activities in the resort.

Would I be visiting LA campagne Tropicana again? They say never say never, the journey there has definitely put me off, maybe if I’m staying the night I’d consider it but then again the prices aren’t even moderate, you pay some money to bring your food in, pay some money to bring a DJ in,too many expenses…abeg There’s jollof rice at home.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

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