Children living in poverty by Aminat Sanni-Kamal


 This post is in collaboration with Amina of Aminatawa Stories (she writes the most interesting stories, trust me you want to check her blog out)

I only took the pictures and she did all the writing.

This is the concluding part of her write up,you can find the beginning of this post here and read that first.

……..I think out of everything, the one that breaks my heart the most is the fact disabled children who should be in a proper facility where they would be taken care of properly, given the best education and health care are on the streets, begging for alms to get by every day. And it is even more painful when you find out that their parents are exploiting their children’s disability to make money on the streets.

My heart melts whenever I see a child who doesn’t even know that he/she is suffering laughing and playing on the streets with his/her peers, it makes me thankful for the little that I have that I sometimes forget that I have.

As much as my hearts melts at the pure happiness and untainted joy that these little children have, I also get very angry that they are in a situation that they shouldn’t be in. And it also gets me thinking that we all have a part to play in the development of our society, by now we should have realized that we cannot totally rely on our government. We have to try our best in our own little way to reduce the number of children begging on the street.

For starters, burning, killing and maiming starving children should be struck of our list and we should speak up and act against it rather than take and spread pictures of the disgusting and horrific act. We should try to create awareness about the importance and benefits of family planning. We should also spread the importance of education, while we are at it, we should also try to be nice to child beggars and hawkers, they might be desperate and sometimes annoy us, we should remember before we shove or hit them that, they don’t have the kind of opportunity we have and poverty is the only life they have known.

Little acts of kindness can make all the difference in the world, so let us be nice and considerate and remember to put ourselves in their shoes. And always ask ourselves this question, if the table were turned, would we be able to survive?

Thanks to Tonye Igbani for the pictures and I also hope I have been able to pass a meaningful message to you all today. Thank you guys for reading, have a wonderful day. Oh and don’t forget to drop your thoughts. Byee.

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