Hello wonderful people,

I’m in high spirits, this past week I received some amazing feedback  about the blog, some people sent emails,others sent direct messages on instagram, and I was and I’m still on cloud nine.

if you were one of those people Thank you, and if you are reading this, thank you too, you are awesome.

Do you strictly abide to rules? ,Some of us can’t help but break a few,especially as regards fashion. Mixing proportions is cool(e.g fitted top with flared pants and vice versa), but on some days you want to the opposite,an oversized top with an oversized pant trouser, because i can and because comfort. And look it didn’t turn out badly! Or what do you think?

Moral of the story is: IF YOU LIKE IT,WEAR IT.

What fashion rules have you broken?

Maybe try and break some this week and earn yourself the “fashion forward” title

Top: Maju

Shoes: Payporte

Trousers: My mums closet (slim fitted the waist and it was good to go)

Thank you for reading!

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Have a fabulous rest of the week