Hi guys, 

Styling natural hair can be a little difficult sometimes so I called in the expert(she doesn’t  know she’s an expert)  Vivian Agaje who runs a lifestyle, natural hair care,  and d.i.y BLOG Skinnybrownie1  ,to show us a pictorial of one of her Easy Go to hair styles. 

*****************************​Hello everyone, 

I know how we ladies are always looking for inspiration on how to dress or wear our hair so, today I am going to teach you a really easy protective style you can attempt when next you feel like wearing your hair differently.

What you need – 

Braiding hair (any kind) 
Precurled hair (for the bangs) 
Bobby pins 
Rubber band (optional) 
Gel     (optional)

Start by lightly spritzing your hair with water. The water acts as a moisturiser.

Apply gel as needed to your hair. I apply the gel around the perimeter of my hair, I used eco styler krystal gel.

Brush your hair in an upward motion and put into a bun.

You can can dry with a dryer if in a rush, I just tie a scarf over mine and leave it to air dry overnight. 

        THE BUN

From the picture above you can see I tied a piece /string of hair to the braiding hair. I used the string of hair to attach the braiding hair to my bun simply by knotting it on.

Next I flip one part of the braiding hair over my bun (left or right). This is to ensure my bun is covered and not peeking through the braiding hair. I hold it down with a fancy rubber band.

I Twirl the braiding hair lightly and begin to wrap loosely  in a circular motion around my bun(use Bobby pin to hold down as needed). Repeat the same step for the other half of the hair.

       THE BANG. 

I use a large sized Bobby pin to hold the Precurled hair. I do this by sliding the curly hair in one at a time. 

After inserting the desired amount of hair, I just pin it to my hair and voila… New look. 

Ready to go forth and slay. 

  I hope you  found this tutorial really easy.

PS – this style is suitable for all hair types whether relaxed or natural. If you your hair is natural I suggest working with stretched hair, Its easier to manage if it’s stretched.

      Thank you Tonye for having me and for being very patient 😘.


Thanks a lot Vivian,  I can’t  wait to try out this style,  what do you guys think?  Would you be trying this style soon? 

You can find  Vivian Agaje on Instagram    skinnybrownie1 and on her BLOG