How to: Easy Faux Bun and Bang Updo

Hi guys, 

Styling natural hair can be a little difficult sometimes so I called in the expert(she doesn’t  know she’s an expert)  Vivian Agaje who runs a lifestyle, natural hair care,  and d.i.y BLOG Skinnybrownie1  ,to show us a pictorial of one of her Easy Go to hair styles. 

*****************************​Hello everyone, 

I know how we ladies are always looking for inspiration on how to dress or wear our hair so, today I am going to teach you a really easy protective style you can attempt when next you feel like wearing your hair differently.

What you need – 

Braiding hair (any kind) 
Precurled hair (for the bangs) 
Bobby pins 
Rubber band (optional) 
Gel     (optional)

Start by lightly spritzing your hair with water. The water acts as a moisturiser.

Apply gel as needed to your hair. I apply the gel around the perimeter of my hair, I used eco styler krystal gel.

Brush your hair in an upward motion and put into a bun.

You can can dry with a dryer if in a rush, I just tie a scarf over mine and leave it to air dry overnight. 

        THE BUN

From the picture above you can see I tied a piece /string of hair to the braiding hair. I used the string of hair to attach the braiding hair to my bun simply by knotting it on.

Next I flip one part of the braiding hair over my bun (left or right). This is to ensure my bun is covered and not peeking through the braiding hair. I hold it down with a fancy rubber band.

I Twirl the braiding hair lightly and begin to wrap loosely  in a circular motion around my bun(use Bobby pin to hold down as needed). Repeat the same step for the other half of the hair.

       THE BANG. 

I use a large sized Bobby pin to hold the Precurled hair. I do this by sliding the curly hair in one at a time. 

After inserting the desired amount of hair, I just pin it to my hair and voila… New look. 

Ready to go forth and slay. 

  I hope you  found this tutorial really easy.

PS – this style is suitable for all hair types whether relaxed or natural. If you your hair is natural I suggest working with stretched hair, Its easier to manage if it’s stretched.

      Thank you Tonye for having me and for being very patient 😘.


Thanks a lot Vivian,  I can’t  wait to try out this style,  what do you guys think?  Would you be trying this style soon? 

You can find  Vivian Agaje on Instagram    skinnybrownie1 and on her BLOG

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12 thoughts on “How to: Easy Faux Bun and Bang Updo

    1. She used perm rods to curl the same hair she used for the bun. If you don’t have perm rods you can do twists and put it hot water then loosen it. I want to see pictures when you try it πŸ‘πŸ˜‰


  1. Wow!!!!!! 😱…
    For some stupid reasons I have refused to get a new gel.. I bought eco styler but over a year now. But it leaves whitish flaky stuff on my hair.. Only for me to hear after buying that eco styler in alo vera is better…

    Ayaf seen my Xmas hairstyle. πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ


  2. Thank you for attaching the follow-through pictures. Funny enough I tried this faux bun to work last week. The first day was terrible. The bun attachment wasn’t just working and I had no idea why. After much struggles, I took it off and rocked my hair just natural that way with no extra hang-ins. I concluded I wouldn’t bother with faux bun style anymore.

    And here you are, putting up a post like to tell me “never say never”. lol


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