You are probably  wondering ,” what rock has this one been hiding under? ” Lol!  I haven’t  been hiding  under any rock it’s just really  hard to believe .i know it’s real but my mind hasn’t fully processed it as real. I thought Hillary was the obvious  choice, apparently not.😢😢 

I remember that  someone once said to me when I was wondering  why  Trump was setting himself up for failure, that Trump, his words,  his ideals,  his beliefs are that of the average  American. I don’t  know what the Average American  is like,to be honest. I just thought  like most people that this was a choice between Good and evil and people as forward thinking as the Americans would  know who to choose….i was wrong. 

The saddest part for me is how a country that’s has advanced as the United States of America  isn’t ready for a female president…  If the Americans aren’t ready then who is 😕

Donald Trump  is president  elect, the memes are funny,but not quite.

It also got me wondering  what direct or indirect impact does whoever being president  of the United States have on me as a Nigerian, or am I just taking panadol for another  person’s headache?  Or worse still the person whose panadol I’ve  decided to take doesn’t  even have a headache.   


Can Nigerian Trump supporters please stop saying Trump worked hard (since when did being racist and saying horrible things become hard work)  to win,like Hillary didn’t….its annoying.

I really hope he didn’t  mean a lot of the things he said and it was just his strategy. 

P.S: I read that he didn’t say the things in the meme in this post,but  it totally sounds like something  he’d  say so I still put it there anyway. 😂