Trump won? 

You are probably  wondering ,” what rock has this one been hiding under? ” Lol!  I haven’t  been hiding  under any rock it’s just really  hard to believe .i know it’s real but my mind hasn’t fully processed it as real. I thought Hillary was the obvious  choice, apparently not.😢😢 

I remember that  someone once said to me when I was wondering  why  Trump was setting himself up for failure, that Trump, his words,  his ideals,  his beliefs are that of the average  American. I don’t  know what the Average American  is like,to be honest. I just thought  like most people that this was a choice between Good and evil and people as forward thinking as the Americans would  know who to choose….i was wrong. 

The saddest part for me is how a country that’s has advanced as the United States of America  isn’t ready for a female president…  If the Americans aren’t ready then who is 😕

Donald Trump  is president  elect, the memes are funny,but not quite.

It also got me wondering  what direct or indirect impact does whoever being president  of the United States have on me as a Nigerian, or am I just taking panadol for another  person’s headache?  Or worse still the person whose panadol I’ve  decided to take doesn’t  even have a headache.   


Can Nigerian Trump supporters please stop saying Trump worked hard (since when did being racist and saying horrible things become hard work)  to win,like Hillary didn’t….its annoying.

I really hope he didn’t  mean a lot of the things he said and it was just his strategy. 

P.S: I read that he didn’t say the things in the meme in this post,but  it totally sounds like something  he’d  say so I still put it there anyway. 😂

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15 thoughts on “Trump won? 

  1. My sister. I read Clinton won by popular votes but Trump won though the electoral college. My question is, since there’s already an electoral college that dictates and votes in their choice, why disturb the citizens to vote???
    Anyways, I’ve told myself, whether Trump or an animal is elected as president of the USA, as far as God sustains me and my loved ones, which includes you, I’m really not bothered. Hopefully, we can all learn to take our own lives seriously. Trump already has enough to sustain him and his 4th generation. Let’s focus on howto make some dollars despite who is in power, because tbh, Who trump don EPP?

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  2. I read that too… I don’t get their electoral system at all.
    Some people actually voted a dead animal…. I hear, I guess these people are not as smart as I used to think they were.
    As In…Who Trump hep? 😂. You are so right and thank you for including among your loved ones. You know I love you too. Thanks Tosin.


  3. The thing is, America isn’t as advanced in thoughts and common sense as they are in maybe technology for instance, and one cannot even really give them credit for technology because America has the best convergence of all races, so who told you the technology as seen in America is by Americans? The real American is still as ignorant and backward thinking as can be,(they still think Africans live on trees) so Trump actually represents the TRUE American and that’s such a shame!


    1. This western people are not so smart after all, the Africans living in trees thing makes me wonder at how close minded and ignorant a human being can be, in the same way they think Africa is a country. We have obviously been overrating thier intelligence. Thank you for this comment.


  4. If the entire world and world leaders are shocked at a Trump win, who are we not to be shocked? And it’s just our level of understanding, American politics directly affects you and me. If you doubt it, ask the mallam on the street how the USD is fairing since announcing Trump as the next President (and so it is the world over). So my dear, when the ppl ask you how e take concern you, tell them you won’t wait untill they start selling a Camera for One million naira before you scream – my point exactly, you can’t separate economics from politics especially when it has to do with America.
    Back to the subject matter, how did we end up with Trump? Exactly the same way we ended up with a Buhari, the same way we ended up with BREXIT, Trump came through the same door! Democracy is a sham! I don’t particularly like Fela (I like melody in music, he hardly has it) but each time I look at what is happening now, I remember some of his lines. Dude was a musical prophet born before his time. Democracy is demonstration of craze! I will leave you with an analogy and I don’t intend to be rude. Do you think the guy who has never left his father’s farm in Sangotedo, never been to any form of training or education, lacks any form of mental capacity. The best he can do if he comes to Lagos is to be an Okada rider. Do you think he would be able to reason like you?? But guess what, Democracy says, when it’s time to make the most important decision, that affects our collective future, you all have one equal vote! As a political strategist, modern day politicians are now appealing to the ignorance of that group of people.
    You also said is America ready for a female President? O yes, they are. Since they elected an Obama, they are more than ready for a Hillary. But then, and just like every society in the world, there is that group of people who don’t know, and would not accept they don’t know. And the fearful thing is, they are almost in a majority.
    Democracy also said, majority carries the vote. *smiles*
    Nb: nice concise write up you have up there.

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    1. I enjoyed reading your comment, in fact I almost wish I wrote it… Lol!
      Today somebody told me not to underestimate the power of stupid people when they are the majority, your comment reinforced that. I had a feeling trumps victory would affect me,I just didnt know how. Thank you for your very enlightening comment.

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  5. Hi Tonye,

    How’ve you been?

    When I first heard the news, my reaction was disbelief then amusement, then I felt a little disappointed as I was really rooting for Hillary.

    All in all, there’s a life lesson in there somewhere. When you believe in yourself unwaveringly, regardless of people’s doubt in you, if you are destined to be victorious, you will be. People will be fine, eventually. 🙂


  6. I was prepping to write something witty yet humorous on this subject but then I woke up this morning and was like “nahh”.
    Trump is not the perfect candidate and his win emboldens the average racist, sexist, homophobe, and basically the very worst parts of everyone. Kind of like Ares in the animated Wonderwoman, voiced by Keri Russell. And for that I am incredibly sorry for the minorities, the women and everyone else.
    But still, I am not an American and while the loss of the election to anyone who wasn’t Trump saddens me, it wakes me up. It should wake us all up. America by this election and Britain by BREXIT are effectively conceding their positions as world superpowers. This is an opportunity. What do we do now?


  7. The Trump win is one of the most shocking outcomes in election history. Initially I personally was quite saddened but then I reasoned that probably posterity has decided that Hillary is not the right female candidate that should be the first female president of the United States of America. I say this not because she is not qualified in fact she overqualified die but rather I say this because asides qualifications, there are certain other factors that would determine her success as the first female president of the USA. I will end by saying God knows what is best for the world 🌍 He created.


  8. For me, if I were to be in America and could vote, Trump would have my vote. Though a woman like Hilary, but I think the system is protecting her. She doesn’t look clean even though she is very intelligent.

    I watched her concession speech and I love her not reading from a written speech but from her head, but if we look at the whole election and Trump coming in as power, I feel God’s hand was involved in it.

    Moreover, Trump has finally won both through the electoral college and popular votes.. He has suddenly overcome Hillary with the popular vote as at yesterday Sunday the 13th November.

    Hilary isn’t the destined woman to be the first American female president.


    1. There are many things Trump said in the process of the election that make him unworthy of being president or even running at all. I don’t understand what you mean by she doesn’t look clean. in the end politics is a tricky subject to talk about and to each his own . Thanks a lot for your comment, I appreciate it.


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