Hey! How’s your day going? Hope the Monday blues haven’t gotten  to you. 

I took these pictures  the other day and I decided  they were too cool to not make it to the blog

So here goes:

Off shoulder  tops are forever and mine is from payporte

My pants are from @shopmaju and  I also wore them in this post

The choker is from @beryaccessories,chokers have quickly become one of my favorite  accessories who knew

Sunglasses  is from LAGOS market 

Also how is it that nobody told me Bantu  knots  would look so good I absolutely love it even though I think they were knotted a bit too tight and it’s painful but as they say “Beauty is pain” 😒πŸ˜₯😭. πŸ˜‚ 

Now that we are done with the outfit details, can we talk about how it almost seems as if being a naturalista is a profession,

You’d hear people say lawyer, photographer,  and naturalista.  I get that natural hair can be hard to manage but how do we include  hair type in introducing a person or thier job description. 

I’ve also heard people say “oh she has natural  hair! She doesn’t  look like somebody who would have natural hair” excuse you,  what do people  with natural hair look like? πŸ˜‚ does it  require  some special  skill or talent for your hair to grow naturally on your head?. 

I hope  you enjoyed  this post,  I’d  like to hear your thoughts on everything, so don’t forget to leave me your comments. Thank you  for reading.