And other Stories 4 almost didn’t happen, you can tell by how late into the month it’s coming but let’s get right into it:

African time Abi Na Nigerian Time

For those who don’t  know I checked  Wikipedia for a precise definition 

African time or Africa time is the perceived cultural tendency, in parts of Africa and theCaribbean[1] toward a more relaxed attitude totime.[2][3][4] This is sometimes used in apejorative sense, about tardiness in appointments, meetings and events.

I’ve  lived most of my life  in Lagos Nigeria and so you’d expect that I might have gotten used to this,but I haven’t,  especially  when an event  doesn’t start a few minutes  late but takes a whole 4-5hrs to start no explanations,  no  apologies, nothing,because you’re  in Nigeria and you’re supposed to know nothing starts early,this happened about a week ago when I attended Style Camera Action an event scheduled to start at 10 am did not begin until about 2:30pm. I spoke  to one of the organisers about it,  I don’t  know if he was the main organiser or not (and I really do not care)  but his solution  was to suggest  that my group  gets disqualified from the competition because  I was being rude according to him. I was very angry. 

I even wrote a short post on instagram  that I later deleted because  my group mates  were afraid that they won’t  get thier prizes(prizes that a week after still haven’t been received), I took a screenshot of my comment on Instagram,  I can’t find it now but I’d  update this post as soon as I find it. We need  to not only start programmes / events on time but also end on time  service in my church  starts at about 8:30am and is supposed to end at 12:00am but I can count the number of days it has actually ended by 12:00 on my fingers. Are there known solutions to  this phenomenon or is this how we are going  to lead  the rest of our lives?

  I could give many instances but then I’d  never end this post. I’m  Tired. …this led me to a short rant about all the things I’m tired of/done with 

I am Tired

I’m done with this Nigerian Time thing,  I’m done with Sugar coating things, I’m done with not being able to speak my  mind and the people  that think  I shouldn’t,  I’m done with bad management and with people.

 I think that one of major problems is being afraid to speak up about things. I’ve  been angry a lot this month,  which almost led me to spending a night in a police cell,  it’s not funny yet so I’d tell this story on another day.

Meanwhile I’m  bearing in mind that I have to be calmer and slower (slower  because I’m ready slow and it’s still not working) to anger. 

What accent is that?  Oap’s and fake accents 

I don’t  listen to radio  stations because it’s so difficult to understand what anybody is saying on it  you’d  hear a variety  of accents in just a couple of sentences,and the whole thing just gets so confusing like “Aunty,  what accent is that? ”

 it’s like escorting  your friend to the  Airport and coming back with an accent, or going to Dubai and coming home with a British accent, brothehs and sistehs we know it’s  not real, there are also those one’s  that had R to every word all in the name of speaking in phonetics,  is it too much to ask that these presenters speak in proper,  audible English language . E Da kun (please) help us to help you.

Toke Makinwa and the (7) poor children 

Lol they were more  than seven, but you get…😂

I think the entire  picture  was a case of misplaced  creativity,  when you’re trying  to be creative and end up seeming insensitive. Trust us Nigerians, the comment section  is full….so I’m  leaving a link to the picture here  so you can read them,a few of them  are hilarious.

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