…Here I come

Do you ever anticipate all the work you have to do in the future,  and decide that  you really  need to chill right now?… This has been me since October began, by the way Happy New Month, I hope you’re  having a month that’s  as fabulous  as you are, I’m  in my chilling mode or at least I was,until the beginning  of this week and I had to start a 3 week makeup workshop .

So now it’s back to busy mode but I thought  I’d  drop this  outfit post first

Who else loves Red? 

I know,  I do. Picking this dress was a no brainer, I had seen it on quite  a number  of people (that I consider  stylish),  usually  that would put me off,
but not this time I think  the dress is too cute and fits so well.. Do you agree? 

I even have a few in stock on koolkats.ng in powder blue,  peach, and white so send a message  if you want  one.. It costs  only 5,000 naira. 

The bag is also from @koolkats.ng

My Sunglasses  are from Asos

And my shoes  are from New look

I wore this dress to church,  I’d  probably  wear it to a wedding  too but with heels instead 

So tell me where would you  wear this to? 

Don’t forget to leave  me your thoughts. 

Thank you for reading  💖💖💖.