Head wrap

Lupita “The Queen” Nyongo has been on a head wrap binge and I’m  more than happy to be witnessing this.

Her head wrap game equals 💯💯…oh wait this is no game… This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Head wrap,  lupita nyongo

The head wrap as earned it’s place as the African crown 👑 and rightfully so. 

Head wrap,  lupita nyongo, how to tie a head wrap,

If there’s  anything  that this African Queen is telling us,  I think that it’s that there’s  no right or wrong way to wear a head wrap be it on a dress,  or jumpsuit, or two piece set, this crown is always suitatable

Head wrap,  lupita nyongo

And another great news!  There’s absolutely  no rule to tying it  at least that’s what Queen Lupita just  whispered to me. 

Head wrap,  lupita nyongo

So if you are scared you can’t tie a head wrap, the secret really is to just start tying it,  begin anywhere, go with the flow…. Hmmn sounds like this head wrap tying thing is trying to teach us some life lessons. 

If that  fails for you (although I doubt it will)  there are loads of YouTube head wrap trying tutorials. 

Head wrap,  lupita nyongo

Just look at all this gorgeousness 

I’m  already  on the head wrap wagon, I’m  just here to confirm that you’d  be joining  us. 

Let’s  “Queen ” together. 
I hope you enjoydd this post, I also hope that  you’d  truly join the African Queens and tie a headwrap today. 

I definitely  want to know your thoughts  on this piece, please let me know in the comment  section what you think of head wraps. 

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Thank you.

Tonye Igbani.